"Finley's Midnight Sleep (Finley's World episode)"
Finley's Midnight Sleep title card
The title card.
Season: 1
Episode: 3b
Series Episode Number: 3
Original Airdate: June 15, 2006
Production Code: Unknown
Guest Characters: None
Written by: Finley Small
Directed by: Finley Small
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"Finley's Midnight Sleep" is the fourth episode of Finley's World. It first aired in June 15, 2006


Finley is trying to get some sleep but Doctor keep turning on some very loud music. Also there's a Paramount logo at the beginning. 




  • This might be the first time when a logo is seen on a episode of Finley's World.
  • This episode has Doctor in it.
  • Doctor was just visiting the house.
  • Finley looks at his house on the telescope.
  • Finley's music on the radio was The Garfield and Friends credits music, The Mr. Benn theme, The Thomas and Friends end theme and Really Useful Engine.
  • Doctor's music on the radio was The Ace of Spades by Motorhead and Neopandemic by Kitsune².


Other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Spanish El sueño de medianoche de Finley Midnight sleep Finley
French Minuit Sleep Finley Midnight Sleep Finley
German Finley Midnight Schlaf Finley Midnight Sleep

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Finley's World - Finley's Midnight Sleep

Finley's World - Finley's Midnight Sleep