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Finleyville County


Finleyville's State


United States


Edward Finleyville


1745 (as Finleyville)


1745 (as Finleyville Inc.)

City Motto

"A Perfect Place to Live"


John Crosby (2005-present)





First Appearance

Pilot Pitch

 Finleyville is a fictional city and the main setting of the British-American animated comedy television series, Finley's World, in which the show takes place. The city is located in Finleyville County, Finleyville's State, United States. It is located near Southburg, Ausleetown, Knapmouth, New Doncaster, WernervilleNorth Maviabrook and South Maviabrook. For many years since the show first aired it was unknown where the state would be, it was just like Springfield's unknown state, however Simpsons creator Matt Groening said that Springfield would be in Oregon just because he was born and raised in Portland which is also in Oregon. But Finley's World creator, Finley Small wasn't sure where Finleyville will be, he thought that Finleyville have to border the ocean, so he might find some U.S. states that borders the ocean. But there is a Finleyville in Pennsylvania and it's the only one. Just like Springfield from The Simpsons, it has a twin city named Southburg. Both Finleyville and Southburg are rivals. The city was founded in 1745 by Edward Finleyville. Finleyville seems to be a big city. It features a neighbourhood, elementary schools, kindergartens, middle schools, high schools, colleges, a baseball stadium, a football stadium, a soccer stadium, an airport, a harbor, a downtown district, an uptown district, a dump, a Burger Palace, a bowling place, a chinatown and a japantown. Finleyville and Southburg being rivals is a reference to Springfield and Shelbyville's rivalry in The Simpsons.