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GreenyToons Cinematic Universe is a multinational media franchise created by Mikko Salovaara and Gabriel Garcia, that is centered around a series of characters, shows, comics, web shows, films, and video games, produced by GreenyWorld Studios, MYCUN Studios, Singularity Entertainment, among many others.


The Universe is where cartoons with likes of Greeny Phatom, The Felipebross Show, MYCUN franchise and others, take place. shared universe, a là DC Extended Universe and Marvel Cinematic Universe, was established by crossing over common plot elements, settings, cast, and characters.

The first film released in the GTCU was, de facto, Greeny Phatom: The Movie, which began the first phase of films culminating in the upcoming 2018 animated GreenyToons crossover film. This film is none other than MYCUN: Greenytoons Unite. The GTCU also includes tie-in comics. The franchise's pre-GTCU crossover movies have been seen as an impressive and groundbreaking successes.

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