The following is a transcript for Greeny Phatom: The Movie.

Chapter 1: Dr. Beanson and The Toy

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(The scene fades to the intro of Greeny Phatom. Little Guy fades in at the right. Dr. Beanson fades in at the left. The film's logo fades in. The scene fades to the opening sequence showing Little Guy, waking up, doing the morning routine, and skating out of his house. He meets Dr. Beanson and Little Girl at the park.)

Little Guy: Hey, guys.

Dr. Beanson: Hello there, Little Guy.

Little Girl: Hello.

Little Guy: Do you have any plans of making my sister be your girlfriend, Dr. Beanson?

Dr. Beanson: Well, I have, but most of them failed. So...

Little Guy: Maybe you should try and treat Little Girl like a friend, not a love slave. Try building a long-lasting friendly relationship with her... before...

Dr. Beanson: Before what?

Little Guy: Before you start a romantic relationship.

Dr. Beanson: Oh! I see. Okay, thanks.

Little Guy: You're welcome! Well, have a good day, you two.

Dr. Beanson: Goodbye, Little Guy!

Little Girl: See you later, bro.

(Little Guy leaves and skates past the Toys R Us store)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson and Little Girl at the park)

Dr. Beanson: Well, Little Girl, would you like to go on a... uh... what was that? I can't remember. I can't remember. So, do you like movies?

Little Girl: Well, yes.

Dr. Beanson: Well, I was just gonna ask you if... if you would...

Little Girl: Yes?

Dr. Beanson: I was just gonna ask you if you would like to... you know, go on a... a date... with me... at the movies. Would you like to go on a date with me at the movies sometime?

(There was dead silence in 3 seconds. Dr. Beanson looked at Little Girl for a second, but then he turned away)

Little Girl: Sure, Dr. Beanson. I would love to.

(Dr. Beanson and Little Girl looked at each other)

Dr. Beanson: You... you mean it? I mean... you would. Right?

Little Girl: Yes.

Dr. Beanson: Yay! Thank you! Thank you, Little Girl. Now I'm a one-of-a-kind soldier that brings romance this message. Uh... when will we go to the movies for our date?

Little Girl: I don't know. Beats me.

Dr. Beanson: Well, we'll just have to wait and see. You know, about your brother, I've never talked to him about his Little Guy Insanity stuff. Well, I should get going. I'm gonna go to Toys R Us to buy something. And yes, I like it better than Dexter's Laboratory. I can't wait to buy stuff from it! Well, see you later.

Little Girl: Goodbye.

(Dr. Beanson went inside the Toys R Us store as Little Girl watches him leave)

(Little Guy and Dr. Mother are walking to Toys R Us as they saw Little Girl)

Little Guy: Hello, Little Girl.

Little Girl: Hello, Little Guy. Hello, Mrs. Beanson.

Dr. Mother: Oh, please. Just call me Dr. Mother.

Little Girl: Oh, okay. So, Little Guy, Dr. Beanson was asking me if I should go on a date at the movies with him. So, I replied to him with a "yes". Me and Dr. Beanson will be going on a date at the movies sometime.

Dr. Mother: Oh, yeah. Well, I wish you and Dr. Beanson the best of luck on your date at the movies. Now, speaking of Dr. Beanson, where is he off to?

Little Guy: (low pitched voice) He went to Toys R Us to buy some stuff, and he was ten years old. I'm in a bad mood because he told me not to watch Little Guy Insanity every day, every minute, every second.

Dr. Mother: Oh boy. That ten-year-old sneak won't stop buying anything at the baby aisle of Toys R Us. It's for babies. Well, we have to go find Dr. Beanson at Toys R Us.

Little Girl: Oh, okay. Well, good luck with that.

Little Guy: Thanks. Well, goodbye.

Little Girl: Bye, Little Guy. Goodbye, Dr. Mother.

Dr. Mother: See you later.

(Little Guy and Dr. Mother went inside Toys R Us.)

Little Guy: I wonder if this toy store has Little Guy Insanity Stuff all over it.

(Dr. Beanson was wandering around in the store until he saw a toy.)

Dr. Beanson: Oh boy! I can't wait to buy that toy!

(Dr. Beanson looks at the toy again, but then, he checks his pockets if he has any money. It turns out that his pockets are empty.)

Dr. Beanson: Oh shoot! I don't have enough money.

(Dr. Beanson looks at the toy again)

Dr. Beanson: Meh, whatever. I'm just gonna steal it instead of buying it.

(Dr. Beanson steals the toy from Toys R Us and walks off with it.)

(Little Guy is talking with Little Guy 2.)

Little Guy: Which way did he go?

Little Guy 2: He went that way, Little Guy. Look!

(Little Guy sees Dr. Beanson leaving the store with the stolen toy. He later gets mad.)

Little Guy: I hate this. What are we going to do with him now?

(Outside of Toy R Us, Dr. Beanson exits with the toy in his hand.)

Dr. Beanson: Haha! I stole that toy. I like to play it on my own, only one by one. You cannot take that toy away from me and put it back inside the store, and you never will!

(Back inside Toy R Us, Little Guy is mad.)

Little Guy: Let's go get him, Little Guy 2!

(Outside Toys R Us, Little Guy and Little Guy 2, angry, run towards Dr. Beanson, who is shocked.)

Dr. Beanson: Oh no! Here comes the Little Guy Clones!

(Dr. Beanson runs off and Little Guy and Little Guy 2 chase him.)

Little Guy: Come back here, and give me back that toy, Dr. Beanson!

(They run through outside of Toy R Us. Close up of Dr. Beanson who still has the toy and is in front of Toy R Us.)

Dr. Beanson: Well boys, I can play it whenever I want to! You can't catch me!

(Gree Guy appears behind Dr. Beanson.)

Gree Guy: Hey! What did I tell you about shoplifting?

Dr. Beanson: I don't know, Gree Guy.

Gree Guy: And what's that in your hand?

Dr. Beanson: Nothing!

Gree Guy: From that moment of this, Dr. Beanson...

(He takes the toy from Dr. Beanson, who is now sad.)

Gree Guy: I'll take this toy away from you, sir. (angry in a low pitched voice) If I ever see you shoplifting again or attempting to get that stolen toy back from its owner, there... will... be... consequences. Do you understand?

Dr. Beanson: (scared) Yes... sir!

Gree Guy: (angry in a normal pitched voice) Now beat it.

(Dr. Beanson runs away when Little Guy shows up and gives a $5 dollar bill to Gree Guy)

Little Guy: I'm only here to buy the toy. Nothing else. Okay?

Gree Guy: Okay, sir. Here you go.

(Gree Guy gives Little Guy the toy)

Little Guy: Thank you, sir.

Gree Guy: You're welcome. Well, have a good day.

(Gree Guy walks away while Little Guy looks at the toy)

Little Guy: Wow! I finally got the best toy ever! My clones wanted to play with it. (looks at Dr. Beanson) So long, Dr. Beanson. (laughs at Dr. Beanson) Ha ha ha ha ha!

(Little Guy leaves a disappointed Dr. Beanson alone)

Dr. Beanson: It's just a stupid measly toy. Gree Guy took it away from me and gave it to Little Guy, but... I never had one. (sighs)

(Cuts to the Supermarket. At the counter, Dr. Beanson walks up to the counter with Little Guy in it.)

Dr. Beanson: Hey, Little Guy.

Little Guy: Is there something I like to help you?

Dr. Beanson: This toy is very nice, the music and songs sound familiar, and the sounds are from Rube Goldberg! Can I have that back?

(Gree Guy appears behind Dr. Beanson)

Gree Guy: No you can't! You stole this toy, that means you can't have it back. You're going to jail! Cops, take him away.

(The two police officers grabbed Dr. Beanson and took him away)

(In a jail cell, Dr. Beanson is locked up and sad.)

Dr. Beanson: (sighs) What have I done? Why did he troll me from last time? Aw well, I'm going back to sleep for the rest of 3 days.

(Cuts to the outside of jail in nighttime)

Chapter 2: Three Days Investigation

Text: 3 days later...

(Fades to the outside of jail in the morning)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson waking up from his sleep and yawning.)

(Dr. Beanson looks out the jail window, then looks happy.)

Dr. Beanson: Oh yes! I was correct! Now I can get out of jail free! Today is July 21st, 2002!

(The jail cell door opened itself and Dr. Beanson got out through it)

(Meanwhile, outside, Little Guy and Little Guy 2 are talking.)

Little Guy 2: Did you hear that, Little Guy? He slept for 3 days.

Little Guy: What's that, Little Guy 2?

Little Guy 2: (whispers) 3 days.

(Little Guy 2's whispering echoes through Little Guy's ear)


(Back at Toys R Us, Dr. Beanson talks to the cashier.)

Dr. Beanson: Hello, I'm Dr. Beanson, the one-of-a-kind soldier that brings you this message, is it a beautiful day?

Cashier: It's not when you see that coming.

Dr. Beanson: And yes, the sun is shining, the birds are singing, and the grasses are green. This means I can have that toy back!

Little Guy: (mad) Oh my goodness, this is totally making me angry. Somebody do something about this thief.

(Green Bob the 2nd appears next to Little Guy.)

Green Bob the 2nd: Hello everybody. Green Bob the 2nd here. I like to live with my friend, Green Bob.

Little Guy: That's cool. The music sounds nice. His voice is so cool. And which person does he talk to me?

Green Bob the 2nd: Guess what, chicken butt? Your voice sounds like Tubby the Tuba from the film of the same name and Mushu from Disney's Mulan. (laughs)

(Little Guy is mad.)

Little Guy: (in thoughts) Oh, I get it! His voice is so annoying as Doctor's voice. (gets mad at Green Bob the 2nd) What!?! Chicken butt? Say that to my face, you limp noodle! Your voice is so annoying as Doctor's voice. That's it! I'm out of here!

(Outside the store, Dr. Beanson has the toy again.)

Dr. Beanson: Well boys, this is my toy. That means you can't have that back! You can't have that back! (9x)

(Gree Guy appears.)

Gree Guy: Hey you! Get off the roof!

Dr. Beanson: What do you want, Gree Guy? And why the hell are you trolling me?

Gree Guy: Because I don't want you to steal this toy.

Dr. Beanson: What?!

(Gree Guy turns to Little Guy and Little Guy 2.)

Gree Guy: Dr. Beanson is being a Stinkerputt, isn't he?

Little Guy: I guess I wanted to have that toy back.

Little Guy 2: Me too, Little Guy.

(Dr. Beanson is sitting on his bed.)

Dr. Beanson: (sighs) I hate trolls that had tried to have that toy back. What am I going to do?

(Back at home, Little Guy happily has the toy. Back at the bed, Dr. Beanson suddenly smiles.)

Dr. Beanson: I know! I just had an idea!

(Cuts to a house. Inside, Little Guy and Little Guy 2 play with the toy. Green Bob the 2nd appears again.)

Green Bob the 2nd: Hey, Little Guy!

(Little Guy turns angry.)

Little Guy: What? (9x) What is it now?

Green Bob the 2nd: Don't be mad, glad will cheer you up. (laughs) Get it? Cheer you up? (laughs)


Green Bob the 2nd: Well then.

(Green Bob the 2nd hums as he walks away.)

Little Guy: It's pretty quiet in here, Little Guy 2. Maybe we can listen to it.

Little Guy 2: We can, Little Guy. And wait, where's our toy?

(The toy is gone, and Little Guy and Little Guy 2 are shocked.)

Little Guy: What the heck?

Little Guy 2: It's gone!

(Little Guy is mad.)

Little Guy: Stupid Dr. Beanson just took it again. Get him!

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson who is happily walking on a sidewalk with the toy.)

Dr. Beanson: Yay! I got that toy back! Gree Guy will never troll me again! Now, I am a one-of-a-kind soldier that brings toys from the toy store this message.

Little Guy: Wait a minute! Something is on the news.

(Geo Guy stands in front of a dark green screen with a picture of Dr. Beanson on the top right corner.)

Geo Guy: Hi, I'm Geo Guy, the king of 123 Geo's World. I like to report that Dr. Beanson, the sneakiest shoplifter in Toys R Us, stole the toy and it was missing. I'll see you in our next report after this commercial break.

(Little Guy is mad.)

Little Guy: Stupid Dr. Beanson, he stole our toy from the toy store! Let's chase him!

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson who is now sad and walking with the toy.)

Dr. Beanson: Ouch! My feet hurt from skipping. I need to have a rest.

(Dr. Beanson sits on a bench. Suddenly, Little Guy and Little Guy 2 appear, angry, and Dr. Beanson is shocked.)

Little Guy: I'll teach you to have that toy back!

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 start chasing Dr. Beanson. They run through the snowy plain and crash into a pile of snow. They then get out of the pile of snow alive. However, they are all covered in snow, except for Dr. Beanson.)

Dr. Beanson: All right, who calls yourself a mountie?! It was you, you thieving clones! You can't have that back!

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 wipe off the snow on their bodies.)

Little Guy 2: Jesus Krispies. I have been covered in snow, Little Guy.

Little Guy: Try not to worry about the snowstorm anymore, Little Guy 2. Time for a walk.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 go for a walk.)

Chapter 3: Night Trollers: Beware!

Green Bob the 2nd: Thank goodness they're going for a walk. (sighs) I would never have a grumpy feeling just to say that.

(Green Bob appears.)

Green Bob: My clone! You're here! I've been looking for you!

Green Bob the 2nd: Don't talk to me. Don't talk to me. (sneezes) ACHOO! I have a cold. I can't stop sneezing.

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2)

Little Guy: My calculations of the toy is just a little further. We're almost there, Little Guy 2.

Little Guy 2: Yes, Little Guy. Let's keep walking.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 walk until they find the toy hiding in the bush)

Little Guy: (got the toy out of the bush) Aha! I got it! (talks to Little Guy 2) We found the toy!

Little Guy 2: Can we keep it when we get home?

Little Guy: Yes.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 spend time eating popcorn and drinking Coke while watching SpongeBob SquarePants on TV when Dr. Beanson opens the door.)

Dr. Beanson: Now what is this? Watching SpongeBob SquarePants on TV, and making slurping noises, that goes... (makes slurping noises) What is going on here?!

Little Guy: What are you doing here, Dr. Beanson? Gree Guy told me that you're a Stinkerputt.

Dr. Beanson: And he trolled me for the last six weeks. I'll troll you next time!

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 outside of their house)

Little Guy 2: Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Little Guy?

Little Guy: I think I am, Little Guy 2.

Little Guy and Little Guy 2: (slowly) It's trick time!

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 go for a walk.)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson and Lucas Guy)

Lucas Guy: There's one thing I like to tell you about shoplifting.

Dr. Beanson: What now, Lucas Guy? I wasn't stealing everything!

Lucas Guy: Yes you were! Shoplifting is not acceptable. You lied!

(Cuts to the prototype versions of Baseball and Mr. Phone; both of them made cameo appearances as police officers, as Mark and Adam Katz had won the first "Do Everything on Greeny Phatom The Movie" contest for the scene where Dr. Beanson got trolled and arrested by night trollers)

Baseball: And you stole their toy from the toy store!

Mr. Phone: Baseball is right! You're under arrest for shoplifting Toys R Us! This means you're going back to jail for 7 days!

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson getting sent back to jail with jail bars blocking him)

Dr. Beanson: Oh no! The trollers are trolling me! Help me! (4x) NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

(Fades to white)

(Fades to Dr. Beanson waking up from his nightmare)

Dr. Beanson: Oh dear! It was just a nightmare!

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 outside with the toy)

Little Guy: Let's bring it to our house, Little Guy 2.

Little Guy 2: Okay, Little Guy.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 go for a walk.)

(Cuts to the Little Guy Clones dancing with the toy)

Dr. Mother: It will be enough, Little Guy Clones, and this toy is for babies. I'll put it in the same place where you think of.

Little Guy: (angry) Will you shut up and bring us our toy!?!

Dr. Mother: (angry) IT'S FOR BABIES!!! Did you hear what I just said?

Little Guy: (angry) MUSCLE MAN!

Dr. Mother: By the way, this toy belongs to Dr. Beanson. I'll give it back to him.

(Dr. Mother went outside Little Guy's house)

Little Guy 2: (sad) What are we going to do, Little Guy?

Little Guy: (thinking) Hmmmmm...

(A light bulb appears on top of Little Guy's head)

Little Guy: I know, we will buy another toy to replace our old one.

Little Guy 2: Great idea, Little Guy.

Chapter 4: Gone to Electric Avenue!

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 went to Toys R Us and look at a toy.)

Little Guy 2: This is so cool.

Little Guy: I think it is, Little Guy 2. We will buy it.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 walk off with the toy. We then see them inside their house, dancing to Electric Avenue by Eddy Grant.)

(Shows Dr. Beanson's arms taking away the toy once again)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson outside of the toy store)

Dr. Beanson: Hey boys, I bought a new toy! Come and catch me!

(Shows Little Guy and Little Guy 2 at the Lego toy aisle)

Little Guy: (angry) All right! Where did that annoying shoplifter go?

Little Guy 2: I think he ran off with that toy.

Little Guy: Really?

Little Guy 2: Yep.

Little Guy: I don't get it. I don't know why Dr. Beanson had to take away that toy from us. (looks around the store until he notices a sign) Hold your horses, what does that sign say?

(Cuts to the sign where it says at the following:
Save $-10
Grand Walk-in Kitchen

Little Guy: (off-screen) Oh yes, it's right there. Let's read! "Sale, save $-10, Grand Walk-in Kitchen, $259.99".

Little Guy 2: (off-screen) Well, that's a strange sign.

Dr. Beanson: (standing while his feet hurts) That was the other foot cruncher. Ouch!

(The final instrumental seconds of "Electric Avenue" plays.)

(Shows Little Guy, Little Guy 2, and Dr. Mother at the cashier)

Little Guy: So, Dr. Mother, what do you think of this toy store?

Dr. Mother: I think it's for babies.

Little Guy 2: This toy store is not just for babies, but also for kids, teenagers, and adults. It might sell toys and videos for children, but they also sell video games for everyone. I'm thinking that the only baby store Toys R Us has is Babies R Us, where they also sell baby products as well. This store has lots of stuff since we got our toys back!

Dr. Mother: Well, I didn't know that! Thanks for telling me about it, Little Guy 2.

Little Guy 2: No problem!

Dr. Mother: Oh, one more thing, have you ever heard about a mean man named Gree Guy?

Little Guy: No.

Little Guy 2: Nah.

Little Guy: Who is he?

Dr. Mother: Well, Gree Guy is the king of 123 Gree City. He is an evil, mean, selfish, greedy man in the world, who came to the United States from Norway. Speaking of which, Gree Guy is a Norwegian person that could speak 2 languages: English and Norwegian.

Little Guy: (shocked) What!?! I didn't know Gree Guy was Norwegian!

Little Guy 2: I didn't know about that, too.

Dr. Mother: Well, you've gotta be careful and watch out for Gree Guy. He might touch you with his slimy and gooey hands. Oh, and also, Gree Guy became friends with Santed Sailor, and they will take over 123 Greeny Phatom, and the rest of the world.

Little Guy: (shocked) No way!

Dr. Mother: Yes way! He also has a cartoon-exterminating machine called the Dalek Septor 9000 that could destroy cartoon characters, including us, forever!

Little Guy: So, now I understand anything about this. Thanks for telling me and Little Guy 2 about this, Dr. Mother.

Dr. Mother: You're welcome. Well, time for you to go home now.

Little Guy: Okay then, let's go.

(Little Guy, Little Guy 2, and Dr. Mother went outside of Toys R Us)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson outside Toys R Us)

Dr. Beanson: (yawning, talking slowly) Time to go to bed.

(Dr. Beanson walks all the way back to his house, and went fast asleep in his bed during Bananas in Pyjamas Ending Theme (Japanese version) on the radio.)

(Shows Little Guy and Little Guy 2 outside Toys R Us)

Little Guy: It's still quiet out here. Dr. Beanson has been falling fast asleep.

Little Guy 2: Yes he is. Can we listen to some music from the radio when we get home, Little Guy?

Little Guy: Yes, Little Guy 2.

(We see Little Guy and Little Guy 2 inside their house, dancing to Electric Avenue by Eddie Grant.)

(Cuts to Green Bob and Green Bob the 2nd outside)

Green Bob the 2nd: What's with all of this racket about?

Green Bob: I don't know. Maybe the music is coming from Little Guy's house.

Green Bob the 2nd: Well, the radio is turned on and the Little Guy clones are listening and dancing to "Electric Avenue" by Eddy Grant. Uh oh! It's too far from the noise. Let's check and see if this house had some music inside of it.

(Shows Little Guy's house vibrating with the music; the weather became snowy)

Green Bob the 2nd: I wish I had to give him a coat for Geo Guy, his friends, his family, and other people who contacted their rule. (praying) I wish Geo Guy was here to take me and Green Bob to his house, and do something fun. Please keep us safe from evil and stupid people for they don't know what to do. In the name of Jesus, we ask you to take us home safely. In the name of Jesus, we pray for you. Amen.

Green Bob: Amen.

(Suddenly, Geo Guy came out of nowhere.)

Geo Guy: Hey, Green Bobs. I think you can't understand what that song is. Can I help you wear a coat?

Green Bob the 2nd: Ahem, Geo Guy. Please give us coats to bring thanks in 123 Greeny Phatom, and be with you. By the way, are you a Christian?

Geo Guy: Yes, I am, Green Bob the 2nd.

Green Bob the 2nd: God, please take us home and be with you. Amen.

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson sleeping on his bed during muffled Super Smash Bros. Brawl temple music in G-Major)

(Slowly fades from nighttime to morning)

Dr. Beanson: (yawning, talking fast) It's morning already? I think it is after sunrise. So, what should I do?

(Dr. Beanson goes to the Thinking Corner and thinks of something Dr. Beanson can do.)

Dr. Beanson: (to himself; thinking, still talking fast) Think, Dr. Beanson! Think! This must be a short time to hurry. I need to have those toys back, but if I lose them, Little Guy Clones and Gree Guy will troll me for the seventh week.

Chapter 5: Moral Snapshot

(Dr. Beanson got an idea.)

Dr. Beanson: Oh yes! I had another idea!

(Fades to black)

(Fades to Little Guy making a special recipe)

Little Guy 2: What's cooking, Little Guy?

Little Guy: I'm making a special recipe for Little Girl, Little Guy 2.

Little Guy 2: What kind of special recipe, Little Guy?

Little Guy: I don't know, let me check what was on my list. (looking at the recipe) Now let me see. (reading the recipe) 3 bananas, 2 pounds of grapes, 2 apples cored and chopped, 48 chunks of watermelon, and 2 orange slices. (talks to Little Guy 2) Well, you know, this is fruit salad. But I am going to add some special ingredients for it such as pineapples, pears, strawberries, you name it. And also, I'm going to wash the fruit into the kitchen sink.

Little Guy 2: Well, good luck making that fruit salad, Little Guy.

Dr. Beanson: (angry) I'm not gonna see those thieving clones making fruit salad for Little Girl. Those thieving clones and Gree Guy had already trolled me for seven weeks as possible! I'm gonna troll them!

Little Girl: What's all that special about, making fruit salads?

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 came to Little Girl's room with a bowl of fruit salad)

Little Guy: I've made you a special fruit salad, Little Girl.

Little Girl: (happy) Thank you, my good brother, Lignen. It's just what I wanted!

Little Guy: You're welcome, Little Girl.

(Dr. Beanson, wearing a disguise, is knocking on Little Guy's door.)

Little Guy: Wait a minute, something is knocking at my door.

(Little Guy walks to the door)

Little Guy: I wonder who it is, Little Girl. I'll get it.

Little Girl 2 (appearing out of nowhere): It's not when he's especially mattered, Little Girl.

Little Girl: Certainly not, Little Girl 2. Someone is being a master of disguise.

(Little Guy opens the door and saw Dr. Beanson, who is disguised as Diesel Beanson)

Diesel Beanson (who is actually Dr. Beanson, but in a deep voice): Hello there, you stupid kid.

Little Guy: (jealous) Um, sir, I'm not really a kid, I'm just an adult now. I'm only 34 years old. My real name is Lignen Hammil Gunpanow, but people called me Little Guy. Anyways, what's yours?

Diesel Beanson: I'm Diesel Beanson, the one-of-a-kind cousin of Dr. Beanson that brings you this message. Sorry, but I'm his imaginary cousin. Those guys would have trolled me for seven weeks, as so much as many times.

Little Guy: Really?

Diesel Beanson: Yes, but do I have to say we're stealing toys? I don't think so. Out you go, Little Guy!

(Geo Guy appeared yet again out of nowhere)

Geo Guy: Gee golly! Dr. Beanson is trolling Little Guy today! (shocked) Oh no! I've gotta tell the Green Bobs about this!

(Geo Guy ran out of Little Guy's house but sits on a bench.)

Geo Guy: But not really.

(Shows Little Girl and Little Guy 2; Little Girl is holding a camera)

Little Girl: I've got the camera, Little Guy 2!

Little Guy 2: Good! How many pictures are there in this film, Little Girl?

Little Girl: Well, apparently, there are only 60 pictures of this movie, which are actually movie stills, of course.

(Shows Dr. Beanson trying to take Little Guy to jail)

Little Guy: What are you taking me!?! Hey! Let me go! Now!

(Little Girl took a picture of Diesel Beanson, which caused the disguise to fall out to reveal Dr. Beanson)

(Cuts to Little Guy talking to his sister, Little Girl, her clone, Little Girl 2, and his clone, Little Guy 2)

Little Guy: (angry) It was a disguise?

Little Girl: Yes, well, sorta.

Little Guy: (angry) A disguise that Dr. Beanson wears the whole time!?!

Little Girl: Of course, it is!

Little Guy: (angry) Well, let me get this straight. Dr. Beanson is a real Stinkerputt!

Little Girl: Oh really?

Little Guy: (angry) Yes, yes he is. I'll teach him a lesson or two.

(Scene transition to Dr. Beanson in his bedroom: Clockwise wipe)

Dr. Beanson: (sad) Oh bother! (sighs) I would never wear those pesky clothes again. I'll put them back in my drawer so I can wear some new ones.

(Fades to black)

(Fades to the Sing-Along Songs with Doctor title card)

Sing-Along Songs with Doctor Announcer: And now it's time for Sing-Along Songs with Doctor, the part of the movie where Doctor comes out and sings a Sing-Along Song.

(Fades to Doctor on the stage)

(Doctor sings his chewing gum song as it plays)

(Doctor walks out of the stage and fades to black)

(Fades back to the Sing Along Songs with Doctor title card)

Sing-Along Songs with Doctor Announcer: This has been Sing-Along Songs with Doctor, tune in next time to hear Doctor say.

Doctor: (off-screen) God dogs! I've put too much of that chewing gum all over the stage. Now I have to clean it up!

Sing-Along Songs with Doctor Announcer: Thanks for watching this segment! See you next time! Bye-bye!

(Fades to black)

(Fades to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 stuck in chewing gum)

Little Guy: (low pitched voice) That's funny. I stepped on a blue, yucky, and very sticky piece of chewing gum, it must be everywhere.

Little Guy 2: Me too, Little Guy. How can we get rid of chewing gum all over the place?

Little Guy: I don't know, Little Guy 2.

Chapter 6: Very Sticky Situation

(Cuts to a close up of Little Guy's foot trying to get it unstuck from chewing gum)

(Cuts to a close up of Little Guy's head and chest struggling to get unstuck from chewing gum)

(Cuts to a close up of Little Guy 2's feet struggling to get them unstuck from chewing gum)

(Cuts to a close up of Little Guy and Little Guy 2, struggling and dancing on chewing gum)

(The camera cuts to a close up of Little Guy 2's feet dancing into the rhythm on chewing gum while the camera pans to Little Guy's feet dancing into the rhythm on chewing gum as well.)

(While Little Guy and Little Guy 2 are dancing on chewing gum, Little Guy gets angry. Little Guy stopped dancing on chewing gum while Little Guy 2 still does. Little Guy slapped Little Guy 2 in the cheek.)

Little Guy: (mad) Knock it off, Little Guy 2.

Little Guy 2: Sorry.

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 with their feet, still stuck on chewing gum)

Little Guy 2: Looks like it could be a very sticky situation in this room, Little Guy.

Little Guy: (tired) And this dancing makes my feet hurt so bad. Maybe I should take a picture of this sticky gum on the floor.

(Little Guy took a picture of sticky blue chewing gum that is on the floor.)

(Cuts to the Green Bobs)

Green Bob: What was that?!

Green Bob the 2nd: I don't know. (afraid) Ah! I'm so scared. Is that from Little Guy's house?

Green Bob: Yes! (3x) It came from right here!

Little Guy and Little Guy 2: Hello.

Green Bob: You know what Little Guys, I don't want you yelling at us for a while, they were just pretending to be friends.

Green Bob the 2nd: You see, we should take a peek. Only a peek but not too close. (laughs) This can't be bad, those Tubby the Tubas will be thrown in jail.

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2)

Little Guy 2: Why are they talking to us like that?

Little Guy: Maybe I should take a picture of this one, too.

(Little Guy takes a picture of the Green Bobs.)

Little Guy: That should teach those Green Bobs a lesson.

Little Guy 2: Yep, it produces a lot of life, and it printed beautifully for cellphones and video cameras.

(Cuts to Doctor chewing gum)

Little Guy: (low pitched voice) Oh my goodness, my ears had just popped. I know who had chewed gum in my house, Little Guy 2.

(Doctor's face turns blue as he continues chewing gum.)

Little Guy: Something blue happened to his face, Little Guy 2.

Little Guy 2: Looks like he had a small sticky problem.

(Doctor blows a bubble.)

Little Guy: I can't believe Doctor chewed gum in my house, Little Guy 2! I have a very sticky situation over here.

(A guitar string is heard during a close up of Little Guy's hand with gum all over it.)

Little Guy 2: Chewing gum is really gross, chewing gum I hate the most.

Little Guy: (low pitched voice) And it's right into our hands! I need to take a picture of this, Little Guy 2.

(Little Guy took a picture of Little Guy and Little Guy 2's hands, both stuck in a piece of chewing gum.)

(Cuts to the Green Bobs behind the door)

Green Bob: I heard another noise, Green Bob the 2nd.

Green Bob the 2nd: Again. Why is this so noisy? We gotta get out of here.

(The Green Bobs ran away from Little Guy's house)

Dr. PBS: What was all of that?

Little Guy: I saw something strange. Dr. Beanson has been caught shoplifting, and then he had trolled me, for one week.

Little Guy 2: And this afternoon, he stole the toy from the toy store, and took it after sunrise.

Dr. PBS: Oh. So what are you gonna do with that?

Little Guy: We should go for a walk and take this camera with us.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 go for a walk until they see Dr. Beanson's hat behind the bushes.)

Little Guy: Dr. Beanson might be hiding in the bushes. I can barely see his hat.

(Dr. Beanson pops out of the bushes)

Dr. Beanson: Surprise!

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 are shocked)

Little Guy 2: Oh deary dear! That criminal is back! Hurry! Run!

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 ran away from Dr. Beanson)

Dr. PBS: Oh dear! I'd better call the police!

(Dr. PBS calls the police on Dr. Beanson)

(Cuts to Lucas Guy)

Lucas Guy: (angry) Alright! Have I told you to stop?

Dr. Beanson: (shocked) Lucas Guy! What are you doing here?!

Lucas Guy: (angry) I caught you last time for stealing my clothes!

Dr. Beanson: (shocked) What clothes?

Lucas Guy: (angry) My police uniform, you idiot!

Dr. Beanson: (shocked) Uh oh! I gotta run for the roads!

(Shows the police car chasing Dr. Beanson during the Underdog theme song)

(Dr. Beanson used his teleportation powers to get back to his house)

Dr. Beanson: Haha! Those thieving clones and that red-headed officer Lucas Guy are not going to catch me! (tired) Just as two weeks. If I can get these toys back, they will never troll me again.

(Dr. Beanson falls asleep and snores loudly.)

Chapter 7: Do Not Change The Weather, Dr. Beanson!

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 behind the window, then outside)

Little Guy: Dr. Beanson is snoring so loud. I can't get to sleep, because I heard the sound of it.

Little Guy 2: We like staying in the night with you, Little Guy. It's the 3rd day of March.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 go for a walk.)

(Cuts back to Dr. Beanson snoring)

(Cuts to Little Guy's house at nighttime)

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 in bed)

Little Guy: It's good to spend the day in March, Little Guy 2.

Little Guy 2: We can go back to sleep now. Good night, Little Guy.

Little Guy: Good night, Little Guy 2.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 went back to sleep)

(Cuts to outside Little Guy's house)

(Fades from nighttime to daytime)

(Cuts to Little Guy 5)

Little Guy 5: Ah, look at it. It's such a beautiful day, I opened your window, and turned on your fan. I like to set up the level of your fan... on 1.

(Little Guy 5 sets the fan on 1 and gasps. Dr. Beanson appears out of nowhere.)

Dr. Beanson: Little Guy 5? What are you doing here?

Little Guy 5: I got your window open and turned on your fan. And, I put your fan on 1. (points at the fan) See it's on 1.

Dr. Beanson: And why is this weather so hot? I gotta go to the weather control room and change it!

(Dr. Beanson went outside of his house)

Little Guy 5: Um, you know I wouldn't do that if I were you.

(Fades to Dr. Beanson at the weather control room)

Dr. Beanson: Now let's see. Which weather pattern should I put for tomorrow's forecast? Oh, I know, how about... (pushes the snow button) ...snow, (pushes the strong wind button) strong wind, (pushes the rain button) and rain for tomorrow's forecast. Yeah, that should be it for now. Well, time for me to go back to my house now.

(Cuts to Little Guy 5 and Dr. Beanson)

Little Guy 5: You did what!?!

Dr. Beanson: Yes, I put in the snow, strong wind, and rain for tomorrow.

Little Guy 5: (angry) Dr. Beanson! How could you do this to me, Little Guy, Little Guy 2, and all the other Little Guy clones!?! You should be ashamed of yourself. That's it! I'm outta here!

(Little Guy 5 marched outside Dr. Beanson's house)

Dr. Beanson: Well, good riddance! (slams the front door) Stupid Little Guy clones, trolling me, messing up with my property, and stealing my stuff.

(Dr. Beanson sat down on his chair and took a deep breath)

Dr. Beanson: (calmed) Okay, I'm perfectly calm now. Time for me to watch some TV.

(Dr. Beanson turns on the TV and watches it)

(Cuts to the front view of the TV)

(Zooms into the TV screen; the screen shows the opening intro of Sesame Street)

(The TV screen cuts to the TV static and then cuts to the Greeny Phatom News title card)

Mike the Newsman: (off-screen) We interrupt this program with our special report from Greeny Phatom News.

(Mike stands in front of a pink screen with a Pepsi logo on the top right corner.)

Mike: As our news today, Nick Cheney has just joined a list of high profile people, including the Pepsi fans, Mickey Mantle, Evel Knievel, and David Crosby, who received a transplant, and therefore by created a controversy. Cheney received a heart on Friday, from an anonymous donor at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Virginia after a 20-month wait. What is controversial about that? Cheney is 71 years old. That is what the Pepsi fans did for tonight. And now for the weather report.

(Cuts to Dr. Clown at the Greeny Phatom Weather Channel)

Dr. Clown: Welcome to the Greeny Phatom Weather Channel! In the weather forecast for 123 Greeny Phatom today, we will have tons of sunshine, high 25 degrees, and tonight we'll have plenty of snow flurries, low 19 degrees, and for tomorrow, we'll get lots of rain, snow, and strong wind, low 7 degrees.

(Cuts back to Mike in the news anchor table)

Mike: And now we would like to return to our regularly scheduled programming.

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson watching the news on TV)

Dr. Beanson: Uh... what just happened?

Text: Meanwhile...

(Cuts to Gree Guy and Santed Sailor at the Beach Park)

Santed Sailor: Welcome to the Beach Park, Gree Guy. What brings you here?

Gree Guy: (scheming) This case is what all true evil sorcerers stride for, and I need to put a stop into this world.

Santed Sailor: Well, I think your idea doesn't make sense at all. But all I can say is--

Gree Guy: I don't want to talk about it right now, but I'm here to tell you that I'm planning to exterminate animated life and rule the world.

Santed Sailor: But how are we going to do that, Gree Guy?

Gree Guy: Well, we will destroy Little Guy and his friends once and for all, with my secret object that will exterminate animated life forever. Hand me the remote.

Santed Sailor: (confused) Um, the goat?

Gree Guy: (angry) No! The remote!

Santed Sailor: Oh! The remote! Got it! (hands the remote to Gree Guy) Here you go, sir. I thought you said you want me to give you the goat.

Gree Guy: I didn't say anything like that! But thank you! I got to show you my latest invention.

(Gree Guy reveals his cartoon-destroying invention called the Dalek Septor 9000)

Gree Guy: This is the Dalek Septor 9000, the world's first cartoon-destroying invention ever made. It is designed for exterminating the investible animated human, animal, and/or cartoon beings of what intelligent life forms will find.

Santed Sailor: Well, I got to say, sir. That is interesting and a good way to destroy Little Guy and his friends. The reason why I hate them is that they kept on trolling and hating me for no good reason, and always destroyed my cruise ship called "Beach Park".

Gree Guy: Exactly. Allow me to demonstrate this invention.

(Gree Guy turned on the Dalek Septor 9000)

(The Dalek Septor 9000 moves its head and makes beeping noises)

Gree Guy: Dalek Septor, exterminate.

(The Dalek Septor 9000 shot a bottle of water)

Santed Sailor: (amazed) Oh man! That was extreme and professional, Gree Guy, sir.

Gree Guy: I will have none of that. Anyways, this cartoon-exterminating invention will be able to destroy Little Guy and other people from the rest of the world.

Santed Sailor: Um, Gree Guy. You know that Dr. Beanson is a Stinkerputt, and he got trolled by the Little Guy clones.

Gree Guy: Well, that would be a lot necessary to Dr. Beanson as well, Santed Sailor. We will be using that invention to exterminate Little Guy and his friends that would be very specific. (acts in an aggressive behavior) I have to be more aggressive.

Santed Sailor: Um, right, Gree Guy.

Gree Guy: I got to be more assertive.

Santed Sailor: Yes!

Gree Guy: (scheming) I should show them who is the king.

Santed Sailor: (mad) Of course, Gree Guy.

Gree Guy: (scheming) I'll show them how truly evil and brutal I am. (normal) Now, where's my teddy bear?

Santed Sailor: (while handing the teddy to Gree Guy) Here it is, sir.

Gree Guy: (happy with his teddy bear) My... teddy! (does an evil laugh)

(Zooms out to reveal Gree Guy and Santed Sailor; Santed Sailor also does an evil laugh after Gree Guy)

(Zooms out from the window of the ship to reveal a cruise ship called Beach Park; the Beach Park is at the dock of the 123 Greeny Phatom Harbor. It explodes.)

Gree Guy: Ouch.....

Santed Sailor: Thank God for Krazy Glue.

Text: The next day...

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 inside Little Guy's house)

Little Guy: It's good fun to spend the night, Little Guy 2. We had a good night sleep last night. Let's go outside.

(Cuts to rain, snow, and the strong wind outside, then to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 outside)

Little Guy: (mad) Oh that Dr. Beanson! He changed the weather! I hate it when this happens! If Dr. Beanson would have never sneaked into the weather control room, none of this would have ever happened! Like I was saying, I hate it when this happens!

Little Guy 2: (mad) Ugh! Me too, Little Guy! He's gonna pay the ultimate price!

Little Guy 7: (walks in from out of nowhere) That is impossible since the laws of physics don't exist in this cartoon. Well, time to see Little Girl 3. (walks away)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson inside his house)

Dr. Beanson: Ah. What a beautiful day here in 123 Greeny Phatom. The snow is snowing, the winds are too strong, and the rain makes things grow. I like to watch something special on Nickelodeon!

(Dr. Beanson watches Nickelodeon on TV.)

Dr. Beanson: This seems kind of catchy.

(Dr. Beanson continues watching until the Snee-Oosh logo appears.)

Chorus: Snee-OOOOOOOSH!

(Dr. Beanson screams and runs out of his house, then stock footage of a roller coaster POV is shown. We then cut to Dr. Beanson who has randomly changed into a snowman.)

Dr. Beanson: Ouch! Did I just call myself a snowman? I need to get out of this snowman I randomly morphed into and go straight ahead.

(Dr. Beanson climbs out of the snowman and goes to Toys R Us.)

Dr. Beanson: And here I am. This Toys R Us store is gonna be lots of toys, and some fun stuff!

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 inside Toys R Us)

Little Guy: (low pitched voice) Great! Which way did he go, Little Guy 2?

Little Guy 2: He went this way, Little Guy.

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson riding the Ferris wheel)

Dr. Beanson: Wheeeeeeeeeee! This ride is fun! I like to ride on the Ferris wheel! Now, I'm a one-of-a-kind soldier that brings Ferris wheels this message!

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 outside Toys R Us)

Little Guy 2: Boy! He sounds like Green Bob from Geo's World. We need to go back home to do something.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 go for a walk.)

Little Guy: And hey, what about the time I was having a peaceful day, that the birds were singing after the sun rises from the sky?

Little Guy 2: Well, as for the sun, I don't think it will be still shining anymore. And I still don't know if Gree Guy is going to take over the world with Santed Sailor or not.

Little Guy: Don't worry about those two idiots, Little Guy 2. Even that they are both evil and stupid, well, we can put a stop to this.

Little Guy 2: Um, could we?

Little Guy: Yes we could.

Little Guy 2: Oh! I didn't realize that!

Chapter 8: The Geo's World International Circus!

(Little Guy points at the sky.)

Little Guy: Come and look! The sky is turning blue. And the sun is shining.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 go for a walk.)

Little Guy 2: Gee. Did you always get into a weird smelly sky?

Little Guy: Not yet, Little Guy 2, let's play outside with me.

(Cuts to Green Bob the 2nd on the streets, holding his nose)

Green Bob the 2nd: (speaks nasally) Gross! Smells fishy outside. Gross! (7x)

(Green Bob appears out of nowhere.)

Green Bob: What's gross? (shocked) Oh goodness, it smells like Gree Guy! (holds his nose, speaks nasally) Gross! (7x)

(Cuts to Gree Guy, who is emitting purple fumes)

Gree Guy: Oh yeah, baby! I can make them taste the fresh air!

(Cuts to Geo Guy)

Geo Guy: Dude, it was an orange man who made this disgusting cyan food.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 appear out of nowhere.)

Little Guy and Little Guy 2: Shut up!

Geo Guy: (sad) Oh darlings. How should you be orange?

Little Guy: I don't look like an orange until Dr. Beanson knows the way.

(Geo Guy shouts at Little Guy and Little Guy 2.)

Geo Guy: (mad) No! You do smell like an orange, looks like an orange, you too, Little Guy 2, you smell like a pineapple!

Little Guy: (mad) Come on, Little Guy 2, let's go kick his butt!

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 beat up Geo Guy before we cut to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 walking away from Toys R Us with Dr. Beanson shouting at them.)

Dr. Beanson: Little Guys! What are you fighting about?! Fighting is not the answer!

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 walk towards the camera.)

Little Guy 2: This answer is too far right quick. We must be there at the circus tomorrow.

(Cuts to a close up of Dr. Beanson)

Dr. Beanson: (slowly) Tomorrow? When?

(Scene transition to the exterior view of the circus: Clockwise wipe)

(Shows the door of Dr. Beanson's dressing room)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson dressing up. He looks at himself in the mirror and drops his pin.)

Dr. Beanson: This would look even better with a flower in my buttonhole.

(Moctor appears out of nowhere.)

Moctor: What do you need flowers for? You're ten years old when you don't need pins when you get dressed.

Dr. Beanson: Liar!

(Shows the front view of the stage with red curtains)

(Geo Guy walks through the curtains to the bottom center of the stage, holding a microphone)

Geo Guy: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, mothers and fathers, grandmothers and grandfathers, aunts and uncles, may I have your attention, please? The Geo's World International is proud to present to you, the Geo's World International Circus.

(Geo Guy walks out of the stage and the curtains open showing Dr. Beanson wearing a clown costume.)

(Dr. Beanson gets out colorful balls and proceeds to juggle them before he falls over.)

(Cuts to Geo Guy)

Geo Guy: This always grumped me out.

Dr. Beanson: Oops! Sorry about that. I was practicing my juggling, and I fell over the stage.

(Geo Guy shouts at Dr. Beanson.)

Geo Guy: (mad) That's not an option! It was supposed to be Geo's World International Circus, not a Beanson International Circus!

Dr. Beanson: Fine! I guess you won't be such a fuss for years, sugar demon.

(Cuts back to Geo Guy)

Geo Guy: (looks at the audience) Sorry about the madness. And with the most Geo balancers, here is Green Bob 1 and Green Bob 2.

(The Green Bobs are dancing on black and white balls, holding red hoops.)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson, sitting down in his normal clothes)

Dr. Beanson: (sighs) How do I look like a soldier who never wore these clothes again? I should apologize to those people immediately.

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 backstage)

Little Guy: Did you hear that, Little Guy 2? He apologized to us for stealing their boys.

Little Guy 2: He did, Little Guy.

Little Guy: And for the master of disguise, that trolls Gree Guy, Little Guy 2.

Little Guy 2: And for the speck of heart by being caught shoplifting, Little Guy.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 walk up the stairs.)

Little Guy 2: Um, excuse me. Where are we going?

Little Guy: We're going to have something to eat at a pizza place, Little Guy 2.

Little Guy 2: But--

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 stop walking.)

Little Guy: There's no time to lose, we need to get to Showbiz.

Little Guy 2: But--

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 arrive at the Showbiz Pizza Place.)

Little Guy: We're here.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 goes to Dr. Clown, at the cash register counter)

Dr. Clown: Hello there! Welcome to the Showbiz Pizza Place! What would you like to eat?

Little Guy: I would like to have a pizza with cheese and pepperoni on it.

Dr. Clown: And what drink do you want?

Little Guy: Diet...

Little Guy and Little Guy 2: ...water.

Dr. Clown: Not a problem! One pizza with Sapporo brand diet water, coming right up! Please take your seats. I'll be right with you in a moment!

Little Guy: This food must be delicious, and this pizza should be here in about 10 minutes.

Little Guy 2: (in thoughts, echoing) Wow! Do I hear what Little Guy said? He said 10 minutes. Yes! 10 minutes. (10x)

(Dr. Clown arrives at the table Little Guy and Little Guy 2 are sitting, holding a pizza dish with pepperoni pizza on top.)

Dr. Clown: Here you go, Little Guys. Bon appétit!

(Dr. Clown walks away)

Little Guy: (happy) Oh boy! I love to have some pizza!

Little Guy 2: (happy) Me too, Little Guy! Yummy!

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 started eating pizza)

Chapter 9: Little Guy's Shocking Surprise

Little Guy 2: Yum yum! This pizza tastes delicious. And this is gonna be more food for thought.

(Little Guy 2 eats the pizza.)

(Cuts to Little Guy)

Little Guy: Can you hurry up, Little Guy 2?

(Cuts to Little Guy 2)

Little Guy 2: (chewing) Can't talk, Little Guy. I'm finishing up with this pizza.

(Cuts to Little Guy)

Little Guy: You're gonna be late for the show.

(Cuts to Little Guy 2)

Little Guy 2: (chewing) We'll be at the show later, Little Guy.

(Little Guy walks out of Showbiz Pizza Place with Dr. Clown behind him.)

Little Guy: Boy, that Little Guy 2 is at a slow pace. Eating pizza, and still drinking water.

(Little Guy walks down the stairs.)

(Meanwhile, back at Showbiz Pizza Place, Little Guy 2 finished the last piece of his pepperoni pizza and drank the last drops of diet water)

Little Guy 2: Delicious! That was good. (checks his watch) Oh my gosh! Little Guy's heading to the club! I better get going! (gives $15 to Dr. Clown) Here's your money, Dr. Clown! Keep the change!

(Little Guy 2 walked outside of Showbiz Pizza Place)

(Cuts to Little Guy walking into a club)

(Little Guy 2 joins him, and they start dancing to "Whip It" by Devo)

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 outside of the club)

Little Guy: (jealous) Where have you been, Little Guy 2?

Little Guy 2: I had finished eating all of the pizza and drank diet water. Do you forget something other than going to the club and dance to the song "Whip It" by Devo?

Little Guy: Yes! (shocked) We forgot to watch the circus already! Thank you for reminding me, Little Guy 2! Let's go!

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 rushed back to the circus tent)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson reading Humpty Dumpty to Geo Guy)

Dr. Beanson: Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall. Humpty Dumpty had a great fall. All the king's horses and all the king's men, couldn't put Humpty together again.

(The crowd laughing sound effect was heard.)

(Cuts to a close up of Geo Guy)

Geo Guy: (mad) Grrrr! I hate that Dr. Beanson so much, he calls me a Humpty Dumpty!

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson)

Dr. Beanson: Well, fine! You look like a Humpty Dumpty and you will look like one.

(The scene fades to Geo Guy's house in Geoville. It then cuts to Geo Guy and Geo Girl with their parents on their own beds (Geo Guy's parents are voiced by Christina Applegate and Jimmy Fallon respectively, as they had both won the second "Do Everything on Greeny Phatom The Movie" contest for the scene where Geo Guy sleeps with his family in Geoville).)

Geo Guy: Ahhhh! I love going to sleep with my family!

Geo Girl: Well that's good for you, George! We gotta get some sleep now!

Liz Conner: That's right! Tomorrow is gonna be a brand new day.

Tom Conner: Your mother is right! If you have a nightmare, come and get me and your mom. Okay?

Geo Guy: Okay.

Liz Conner: Alright then, good night everyone.

Geo Guy, Geo Girl, and Tom: Good night!

(The Conners went to sleep)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson outside Geo Guy's house)

Dr. Beanson: That Geo Guy didn't understand why he had accomplished everything. Now, I'm one-of-a-kind grumpy soldier that doesn't bring him this message.

(An alarm clock rings and Geo Guy punches it (or turns it off). He then opens his bedroom door and runs to the bathroom. We hear sounds of him brushing his teeth and then he opens his bathroom door and runs outside through the door and closes it.)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson)

Dr. Beanson: What a white-headed guy he was! He was trying to yell at me! He yells at me at the same time! He shouts at me. He pouts at me. He shouts at me. He pouts at me. He shouts at me, he pouts at me!

(Cuts to Lucas Guy hiding behind the bushes, then to Dr. Beanson walking in the distance)

Dr. Beanson: He shouts at me. He pouts at me. He shouts at me. He pouts at me. He shouts at me, he pouts at me!

(Cuts to Lucas Guy)

Lucas Guy: I can't wait to knock Dr. Beanson's door. Here it comes.

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson's window. We see Dr. Beanson sitting on a bean bag and sighing. Outside, Lucas Guy knocks on the door.)

(Cuts to Little Guy 5, Little Guy and Little Guy 2 are inside Little Guy 5's house)

Little Guy 5: Uh, who could that be? (yawns)

(Little Guy 5 walks outside and Dr. Beanson appears out of nowhere.)

Little Guy 5: Hello?

Dr. Beanson: There's no one there, Little Guy 5.

(Little Guy 5 looks confused.)

(Cuts to Little Guy at the light blue room)

Little Guy: (low pitched voice) They're finding out now, but no Sing-Along Songs with Doctor, if Doctor wakes up, he's gonna get pranked. MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! (normal voice) So those are Doctor's reactions that I must read.

(Little Guy starts reading Doctor's reactions during the Living Books opening theme music. During this, he gives out several different emotions until the music stops.)

Little Guy: But wait, the song wasn't so sad. The song sounded merry. Very merry.

(The scene cuts to Doctor, who starts singing The Alligator King song from Sesame Street and Little Guy lies on the floor dead looking. Doctor continues singing before we cut back to Little Guy covering his ears.)

Little Guy: (low pitched voice) Oh, I hate this song!

(Doctor continues singing until Little Guy shouts at him.)

Little Guy: (mad) That's it, I quit!

(Little Guy starts walking away from 123 Greeny Phatom)

Chapter 10: The Most Annoying Blue's Clues Song Ever!

(Little Guy finds himself standing on an iceberg in Antarctica)

Little Guy: Where am I? Am I inside Antarctica? I gotta get outta here before my feet will get cold.

(Doctor appears behind the iceberg and sings the Mailtime song from Blue's Clues before the iceberg breaks and tips Little Guy into the water. Little Guy gets back up and Doctor starts chewing gum.)

Little Guy: (mad) This is the worst and annoying sing-along song ever! And now, it's time for the epic battle!

(Little Guy blasts Doctor with a laser and electric balls are seen flying in the sky. After a period of time, we cut to Doctor flying into Lucas Guy.)

Lucas Guy: Hey! Who... who smashed me? Who? (5x)

(Lucas Guy and Doctor get up.)

Doctor: I did. Mail Time Song from Blue's Clues is the best sing-along song I ever sang. I'm sorry.

Lucas Guy: Sorry? This is the worst and most annoying sing-along song you ever sang! You're going to jail! (picks up Doctor)

Doctor: Jail? What jail?

Lucas Guy: Jail. Yes. Going to jail will teach you a stupid lesson.

(Cuts to Doctor in jail)

Doctor: (slowly) Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo... you!

(Cuts to Earthy Guy)

Earthy Guy: Oh be quiet! Stupid Doctor! (looks at the camera) I'm sorry folks, Doctor sang the Blues Clues Mail Time Song, because it caused him a lot of trouble.

(Dr. Beanson appears out of nowhere.)

Dr. Beanson: Hello, Earthy Guy. I had a good feeling about Blue's Clues. I do not own it, it belongs to Paramount and Nickelodeon. See ya!

(Cuts back to Doctor)

Doctor: Stupid Lucas Guy.

(Cuts to Little Guy at the jail)

Little Guy: What's wrong, are my Little Guy Insanity files bugging you? I loved it when you're still in jail.

(Cuts to Doctor, then back to Little Guy)

Little Guy: In all of those days, you will never be here. I work best at LGI.

(Cuts to Wombidy saying "That's okay" several times in a cartoon character's voice, then a close up of a monster's eyes, then back to Wombidy, this time going mad)

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2)

Little Guy 2: Little Guy! Look! Wombidy has gone mad!

(Cuts back to Wombidy)

Wombidy: (mad) This guy is so stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid!

Chapter 11: Greenie-Mario's Battle with Doctor

Little Guy: Now who's being stupid? I'm not stupid, Doctor is.

(Cuts to Santed Sailor)

Santed Sailor: Hello, my name is Santed Sailor, and welcome to Beach Park. If that's what you want to do, then we're going to see the fishes, and have a shippy shippy shippy shippy shippy shippy shippy day! (walks towards Magic-Mario) As you can see, we're here to take you guys on a tour of my ship, because it has a--

(Santed Sailor bumps into Magic-Mario.)

Magic-Mario: You're under arrest for bumping into me! You're going to jail!

(Cuts to Santed Sailor in jail)

Santed Sailor: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOahahahaha!

(Doctor appears out of nowhere and sings the Mailtime song until Magic-Mario appears out of nowhere.)

Magic-Mario: You're under arrest for singing the Mailtime Song! Come on, Greenie-Mario! Let's fight Doctor!

(Greenie-Mario appears out of nowhere with a huge hammer.)

Greenie-Mario: Yes! I'm gonna fight Doctor with a huge hammer!

(Greenie-Mario chases Doctor with a huge hammer in a prolonged chase sequence. He eventually catches up to Doctor and hits him on the head. He then blasts him with a laser and sends him flying through the landscape and into the sea below. We pan down to see Doctor floating underwater. Percy Guy, Magic-Mario, and Greenie-Mario then collide into each other and explode for no reason whatsoever.)

(Cuts to Little Guy laughing evilly while watching the event on TV)

Little Guy: Sorry, this video is so funny, I can watch it myself.

(Little Guy sees a doctor hat.)

Little Guy: Why is that doctor hat doing in my living room? This hat's made in Russia. Wait a minute, it is from Russia.

(Little Guy puts on the doctor hat.)

Little Guy: (low pitched voice) Let me find out what's happening.

(Little Guy walks while wearing the doctor's hat during the Little Miss Show theme song before Doctor stops him.)

Doctor: You little punk! Why are you trying to disguise my hat like me? Now you get punished. Take that, you troublemaker!

(Doctor fights Little Guy.)

Doctor: I have one thing to do. The last thing I want to do to Little Guy is to take him to Carlos Pool.

(A "WAH-WAH-WAH-WAH!" sound is heard. We then cut to a poster reading "BLASTED!" with Little Guy on it during SpongeBob production music.)

Chapter 12: The Challenger is Approaching!


Green Bob the 2nd: Why is everything so quiet? I might have to tell Doctor about Magic-Mario. Let's find out.

(Green Bob the 2nd walks to the museum and stops at a sign saying:
"Please report to your homeroom
<03 Oak Neepdonop 05>
<04 Drive Cogsworth 06>"
and opens the door of homeroom #4.)

(Cuts to Doctor in the darkness)

Doctor: Hey, you! At the door.

(Cuts to Green Bob the 2nd in the darkness)

Doctor: (off-screen) Can you go and get the lights?

(Green Bob the 2nd turns on the lights.)

(Cuts to Doctor)

Doctor: I have a slideshow intro to this course. I like to welcome the both of you here and let you know, that with the help of my lessons.

(Cuts to Green Bob and Green Bob the 2nd)

Green Bob the 2nd: That's terrible! Do we look at it? (sighs) Oh well, you can't be watching this video, ever.

(Cuts to Little Guy at a staff meeting)

Little Guy: Good afternoon my newcomers. I'm Little Guy, the king of 123 Greeny Phatom. If you may call me Lignen Hammil Gunpanow, Little Guy, the king, of 123 Greeny Phatom. For those that don't know, I'm the founder of the King's Academy. (cuts to a close up of Little Guy at the staff meeting) And for being nice to people, who was raised to play with their toys, and selecting our unique gifts. Well done!

(Cuts to Doctor)

Doctor: So, what do you think of this slideshow?

(Cuts to Doctor, Green Bob and Green Bob the 2nd)

Green Bob: I cannot believe it! Little Guy is announcing the townsfolk at the staff meeting!

Green Bob the 2nd: By the way, Green Bob, you're ready to give me another chance this year. Little Guy shouldn't have attended with all this junk. Do we have to get a choice that is selected for our unique gifts? Ouch! I have a headache right now, sorry! Time to go to the lobby office.

(The Green Bobs walk to the lobby office. Green Bob the 2nd opens the door and enters the room. Little Guy appears out of nowhere.)

Little Guy: Is that what you've been, Green Bob 2? So is this all your fault?

(Green Bob appears out of nowhere.)

Green Bob: He didn't do anything!

Little Guy: Do you ever not paying any attention? There are some talents that are more apparent to others. Work towards your potential, and... (holds a box of jewels, low pitched voice) I hope you will find out.

(Little Guy sprays jewels at the Green Bobs.)

Little Guy: (mad in G-Major) You will stop interfering right now!

(The Green Bobs are buried in jewels.)

Green Bob the 2nd: Little Guy, I just want to know, what a pity to bring a gift I have.

(Cuts to a close up of Little Guy)

Little Guy: (low pitched) That's enough! That will be it for your medical insurance. If I see you cheating on me again... (high pitched voice) There... will... be... spanking! Do you understand?

Green Bobs: Yes, sire.

(Little Guy goes for a walk.)

Little Guy: These Green Bobs are ticking me off without choices. And wait, who's that new guy over here?

(Rainbow Geo Guy appears out of nowhere.)

Rainbow Geo Guy: Wazzup, Y'all? I'm Rainbow Geo Guy, the clone of Geo Guy whose body is full of rainbows, and the most colorful of the Geo's World characters.

Little Guy: I see him. He's colorful, and I have never seen him before. You know I have Pinky Infomation Robot to obey me.

(Little Guy sees Pinky Infomation Robot being unveiled. Dramatic music plays as the camera focuses on Punky Infomation Robot.)

(Cuts to Little Guy laughing)

Little Guy: (laughs evilly) This will do the plan for bugging me, I just built this pink robot myself, but not in an evil way like Gree Guy and Santed Sailor.

(Cuts to Pinky Infomation Robot)

Pinky Infomation Robot: Wazzup, Y'all? My name is Pinky Infomation Robot.

(Cuts to Geo Guy and Green Bob the 2nd)

Green Bob the 2nd: That Little Guy is such a grump, I'll make this quick since I came back here from detention.

Geo Guy: Why is he mad at you for?

Green Bob the 2nd: Nothing. I didn't do anything bad. He made me cry. (begins to cry, then cries sadly)

(Fades to Green Bob holding a picture of Green Bob the 2nd crying)

Green Bob: This is how my clone got yelled out with his sad cry. He cries and wails and gets locked up in the next door, nothing will try! (thinks of Doctor) Maybe Doctor should know more about Gree Guy.

(Doctor calls Gree Guy on his cell phone)

Doctor: (talking on his phone) Hello, is this the Russian Doctor Union? I need to be assertive to all my songs I did. Do you know how many? Okay, that's good. I'll be assertive on this. Thank you! (takes a selfie on his cell phone) Perfect. (looks at the camera) My new Russian Doctor Union members are on their way! My concert at the Russian Doctor Union auditorium will now begin! Wooo!

Gree Guy: (angry) Doctor is attending on getting more Russian Doctor Union members. Huh?

Santed Sailor: Well, he needs new RDU members, sir. I mean, what's a union without members?

Gree Guy: (scheming) Very true, Santed Sailor, but except for us. (walks out the elevator) I have a plan. Just play with me, Santed Sailor.

Santed Sailor: (excited) All right! Time for me to play and have fun and have a shippy shippy shippy shippy shippy shippy shippy shippy day!

Gree Guy: (disgusted) You know what I mean, shippy man. Humph!

(Gree Guy and Santed Sailor walk out of the elevator, and went straight to Doctor's office.)

Gree Guy: (talking to Doctor) Excuse me, sir. Oh, are you Doctor, the only Russian doctor that can sing Russian and English songs, all at the same time?

Doctor: Yep, that's me! Um, how can I be with assistance?

Gree Guy: Well, me and my partner Rollias Dentistinas--

Santed Sailor: Ahem, it's Santed Sailor.

Gree Guy: Whatever. Me and my partner, Santed Sailor, are looking for a new job in music for the Russian Doctor Union. Little Guy did not want us for our scheme of dying for talent, and now we're just wandering around 123 Greeny Phatom, completely hopeless. May I join in your union?

Doctor: (shocked) Oh, you poor men. You are certainly welcome to join my union. My other members would ever hope for you to hear.

Gree Guy: Thanks, Doctor. We're getting our talent already. Oh, um, we're the only two members.

Doctor: Well, I should have been just doing my music in order to let Little Guy hear it and get annoyed as well.

Gree Guy: Don't bother! Don't bother with Little Guy, sir. He's worn out, cranky and annoyed, all because of your Russian music. We set out to make the matter stronger from a story into a legend, more powerful and easy for our scheme. And if you did not hear any wimping out, you certainly want to know what's inside of you, and, plus, your bank won't just make any money. Soon, they're earning diamonds that are sold in jewelry stores, and even coins and bars covered with gold, the bank had received them from coast to coast. While money, jewelry, and gold were stolen by villains, robbers, and thieves, they do it the old-fashioned way, but in the modern time, they even used many inventions like the Dalek Septor, to take down cops, security guards, and other people to steal everything from this entire planet. (scheming) Don't stand by, Doctor. We will be millionaires.

(Gree Guy and Santed Sailor laughed evilly)

(Fades to Little Guy, laughing evilly)

(Pans to Pinky Infomation Robot walking away from Little Guy)

Pinky Information Robot: Pinky must destroy Green Bob. Beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep. (walks off with Geo Guy behind him)

(Gary's Father appears out of nowhere behind Pinky.)

Gary's Father: Who is this new guy? He looks like Gree Guy.

(Cuts to Geo Guy)

Geo Guy: If you ask me, there's a pink robot next door. Somebody help me. It was a terrible case of the pink robots.

(Pinky walks at night during electronic music.)

Chapter 13: Super Geo Returns!

Geo Guy: Oh, I think the mail's here. Let's see I can read for today. (reads a newspaper) Huh? "The pink robot was here! The pink robot walked at night! I think it was Little Guy who made the robot! If Dr. Beanson catches the pink robot, he'll get arrested! The pink robot is going to destroy Santed Sailor, Gree Guy, Dr. Beanson, Dr. PBS, Green Bob, Beanson, Gary's Mother, Gary's Father, and even Doctor, that's why!"

Geo Guy: I wanna be a superhero to stop that robot and save the day. And that... will be me! SUPER GEO!!!!!! (lightning strike flashes across the screen)

(SuperGeo's Theme plays as Geo Guy transforms into SuperGeo. SuperGeo flies across the sky (which is rotoscoped footage from the infamous "Tu Mera Superman" sequence of the 1988 Indian film Dariya Dil) and we cut to Little Guy releasing Pinky Information Robot when SuperGeo appears out of nowhere.)

SuperGeo: Aha! You scared me a lot of luck, you stupid pink robot! I, SuperGeo, will use my secret superpowers to protect me.

(SuperGeo fights Pinky Infomation Robot and Pinky loses his batteries.)

Pinky Infomation Robot: Uh oh! Batteries ran out! Pinky needs to... blah blah polluse! Gotta get the blah polluse!

(Little Guy is mad.)

Little Guy: What?! No! That's not happening again! Time to fix this thing up!

(Little Guy puts the batteries back inside Pinky.)

Pinky Infomation Robot: Pinky alive. Pinky must destroy Geo Guy. Beep beep beep beep beep!

(SuperGeo fights Pinky again. He then charges his laser with his finger and blasts Pinky to smithereens.)

(Cuts to Little Guy with Pinky Information Robot, who got destroyed by Geo Guy)

Little Guy: My-- (3x) My pink robot!

(Cuts to SuperGeo celebrating)

SuperGeo: I won!

(Cuts to Little Guy, cue record scratch)


(Randomly teleports to SuperGeo and kicks him 1,433.5 miles away)

(Cut to SuperGeo flying into a burning electrical transformer (video of the Ives Dairy Substation electrical transformer explosion in Miami on August 17th, 1993, with SuperGeo edited in))


(Transition: Fade to white and fade from white)

Geo Guy: Holy muffins! I just had a huge nightmare! (low pitched voice) And now I had enough of these stupid robots walking at night. I don't wanna see another robot walking at night again. And when I go to bed, there will be no pink robots in this movie.

Rainbow Geo Guy: (off-screen) But Little Guy, I thought there will be more robots than just Pinky.

Geo Guy: Who said that? Let me take a closer look.

(Rainbow Geo Guy appears out of nowhere.)

Rainbow Geo Guy: It's me, Rainbow Geo Guy. I appeared in this movie.

Geo Guy: Great! I had a dream to become a superhero. (looks at the camera) Back to the program, please.

(Cuts to Little Guy outside)

Little Guy: (in thoughts) Chill out, Little Guy. You know that the pink robot was defeated. Geo Guy went crazy and used a baseball bat to destroy him. Don't be angered by SuperGeo. Have... to keep... cool. (looks at the camera while speaking) Uh-oh! I'm about to throw a tantrum in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1... (mad) DANG IT DANG IT DANG IT DANG IT DANG IT! WHY DOES GEO GUY HAVE TO DESTROY THE PINK ROBOT? IT'S SO STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID STUPID!!

(Little Guy explodes and turns away from the camera.)


(Cut to Little Guy walking towards a randomly-placed teal shed. He walks into the doorway and through the shed to a green, oddly-shaped hammer as "The Liberty Bell" plays)


(Little Guy grabs the hammer.)

(Little Guy suddenly ends up in Antarctica and suddenly a giant foot appears.)

(Cuts to Doctor)

Doctor: Phew, that was close.

Chapter 14: Doctor Sings A Song

(Little Guy appears behind the giant foot and finds a newspaper.)

Little Guy: Who left this newspaper here? Let me read this. (reads the newspaper) "Idiots do idiotic things! SuperGeo accidentally killed a duck! Please don't destroy Doctor or else you'll get arrested! Greeny Michael and Glaceon worked together to make the Scan Passer 9000! Don't destroy them too or else you'll get arrested like Dr. Beanson!" (holds a hammer, low pitched voice) This hammer can get rid of Doctor by breaking the ice first.

(Doctor walks on thin ice as Little Guy breaks the ice with his sledgehammer)

Doctor: (shocked) HUH!?!

(Doctor falls out of the thin ice and got splashed on cold water)

(Doctor swims back up to the surface after getting splashed on cold water)

(Cuts to Little Guy, laughing evilly)

Doctor: (angry) What the freakin' doofus!!

Little Guy: Sorry, Doctor, I know that you have been bugging me until 260 years later. I used a sledgehammer to break the ice.

(Cuts to Doctor who got confused)

(Cuts to Little Guy and Doctor)

Little Guy: (scheming) Until tomorrow night, you will be mine forever!

(Little Guy laughs evilly while running away from Doctor, leaving Doctor stranded in cold water)

(Cuts to Doctor, thinking of some ideas to get revenge on Little Guy)

(A light bulb popped on top of Doctor's head)

Doctor: (happy) I got an idea! I gotta call Dr. Clown in his office.

(Cuts to Dr. Clown in his office)

(Dr. Clown's telephone is ringing, as Dr. Clown picked up the phone and answers Doctor)

Dr. Clown: (on the phone) Hello?

Doctor: (off-screen voice on the phone) Hello, Dr. Clown. Little Guy has his scheme to use the sledgehammer to break the ice. I'm not happy with him! And also, Gree Guy and Santed Sailor teamed up with Glaceon to exterminate Little Guy and everyone else in the world. They all use 2 machines, 2 cartoon-exterminating machines to destroy Geo Guy, Little Guy, and everyone else as well. The first machine is the Dalek Septor 9000, while the other was the Scan Passer 9000. Shall I deal with him now?

Dr. Clown: (on the phone) Yes, Doctor! These two machines are even more dangerous than I thought they would be. You would better run for your life!

Doctor: (off-screen voice on the phone) You would better run for your life, too, Dr. Clown! I'll see you in a few days! Goodbye!

(Fades to Dr. Beanson swimming on the lake; Dr. Beanson is wearing his swim trunks)

Dr. Beanson: Swimming is fun!

Moctor: Um, Dr. Beanson...

Dr. Beanson: (as he gets out of the lake) Yes, Moctor?

Moctor: Dr. Beanson, you shouldn't swim on the lake with melted ice cold water in it. Nobody would do that!

Dr. Beanson: (jealous) Then don't make lies to me, you liar!

(Sudden cut to Gree Guy and Santed Sailor with Glaceon)

Gree Guy: Hey, Glaceon, do you want to work with me and Santed Sailor to destroy Little Guy and his friends?

Glaceon: No, me and my friend Sam are working on a model Dalek.

Gree Guy: (angry) Darn it! (talks to Santed Sailor) Come on, Santed Sailor, let's exterminate someone with our Dalek Septor 9000, alone.

(Gree Guy and Santed Sailor teleported themselves from Upsidedown City in the United Kingdom to 123 Greeny Phatom in the United States)

Santed Sailor: So, now what?

Gree Guy: Well, what are we waiting for? Let's go exterminate someone in 123 Greeny Phatom.

Santed Sailor: Good idea, Gree Guy! Let's do it!

(Gree Guy and Santed Sailor go for a walk; Gree Guy is taking his Dalek Septor 9000 with him.)

(A police officer (voiced by one of the Greeny Phatom masters, James Sharp) comes over on a motorcycle)

Police officer: (angry) Hey, you! Get out of the road!

(Gree Guy and Santed Sailor are shocked as they looked at the police officer on a police motorcycle)

(Shows the full view of the police officer on the motorcycle, who is the police chief, and the rest of the police officers, who are driving in police cars, riding on the roads)

(Gree Guy and Santed Sailor got scared of the police)

Gree Guy: (scared) It's the 123 Greeny Phatom Police! Let's get out of here, Santed Sailor!

(Gree Guy and Santed Sailor ran for the roads as the police officers are chasing them)

Gree Guy: Use the Dalek Septor!

Santed Sailor: Okay! (fires at the police officers, but fails)

(The police officers are chasing Gree Guy and Santed Sailor into a cliff)

(Gree Guy and Santed Sailor looked at the cliff, and are shocked)

Gree Guy: Uh oh!

(Gree Guy and Santed Sailor fall off a cliff)


(Explosion sound is heard)

(Cuts to Gree Guy and Santed Sailor at the bottom of the cliff)

Santed Sailor: (hurt) Ouch! I think I hurt my spine!

(The three police officers came down the cliff and picked up Gree Guy and Santed Sailor into the police van)

Gree Guy: (angry) Grrrrrrrrrr! Drats! This is crazy, you people! This is crazy!

Police officer: Sorry, sir, but we work for the laws of 123 Greeny Phatom. You and Santed Sailor are under arrest for attempting to destroy 123 Greeny Phatom. You two are going to jail for a couple of weeks! (talks to 5 other police officers) Cops, take them away!

Police officer #2: Yes, sir.

(The police van, with Gree Guy and Santed Sailor inside of it, drove away)

(Fades to Doctor at the stage singing "White Christmas" by Bing Crosby with Little Guy listening to it until he turns to Little Girl)

Little Guy: Doctor's singing kinda bugs me, Little Girl. I have to turn it off.

Little Girl: Why don't you like it, Little Guy?

Little Guy: (low pitched voice) Because Doctor has his annoying singing voice that could piss me off! And besides, it's not even Christmas yet! Turn off the freaking radio right now!

(Little Girl turns off the CD.)

Little Guy: Ah. Finally, some peace and quiet.

(Doctor holds the disc.)

Doctor: What was that about? My song from the album was turned off and the CD got scratches on it, but the song skips every time. Stupid people! Little Guy even yells at me, he yells at Green Bob 1 and Green Bob 2, and he yells at my sister. He has to chill out!

(Little Guy 7 walks with the CD.)

Little Guy 7: Don't worry, Doctor. I'll fix it up for you! I will have anything to wipe the CD off!

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson on top of the hill)

(Cuts to the close-up view of Dr. Beanson; the sky is the background)

Dr. Beanson: Good grief! Do you ever call this madness? I heard that Little Guy yells at my cousin every time, and if he does that again... (the sky fills up with water) ...I would blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub-blub!

(Cuts to Geo Guy, who wears a fisherman's suit and a raincoat, on a fishing boat, fishing for some fish)

Geo Guy: Oh yeah! Dr. Beanson is still in the water. I had a perfect time when I went on a boat to go fishing in Greeny Lagoon. My father taught me how to fish when I was younger.

(Geo Guy swings his fishing line back and brings it forward and casts it in the lagoon; Geo Guy had caught Dr. Beanson's doctor hat inside the lagoon and reels it into the boat)

Geo Guy: (looking at the doctor hat) Hello? What's this? That must be Dr. Beanson's doctor hat, which means... (happy) My Dr. Beanson costume is now completed. Now to put it on.

(Geo Guy puts his Dr. Beanson costume on)

Geo Guy: (as Dr. Beanson) Hello, I'm Dr. Beanson, the one-of-a-kind soldier that brings you this message. I suck at life, I always suck at it, just the time I was shopping at Toys R Us, stealing toys. And you know why? Because nobody will ever buy them anymore.

(Geo Guy started laughing, then he laughs out loud, and finally, he rolled on the floor of the boat, laughing)

Geo Guy: (as he keeps on laughing) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL!

(Geo Guy got hit by a baseball bat, with the "BONK!" effects coming out from the bat, which causes his Dr. Beanson costume to fall out from Geo Guy)

Geo Guy: (after he got hit by a baseball bat) Ouch! What was that for?

Dr. Beanson: (angry) I'll ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL ROFL you if you keep making fun of my catchphrase! Now quit saying mean jokes by making a fool out of me, you stupid son of a kangaroo!

(Geo Guy puts his Dr. Beanson costume back on)

Geo Guy: (as Dr. Beanson) Hey, look! I'm Dr. Beanson! I'm a stupid soldier in the world! Do you guys know that I was a thief? I'm such a bad soldier now! (laughing) Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL!

(Geo Guy got zapped out of the fishing boat by Dr. Beanson using the Scan Passer 9000. Geo Guy falls out of the boat and splashes into the salty waters of Greeny Lagoon. He swims back up to the surface after getting splashed on sea salt water.)

Dr. Beanson: That's what you get for stealing my life, you stupid swimming water chicken.

Geo Guy: (shocked) What the!?! (got transformed into a chicken) Oh noes! I'm a chicken! (makes the buck-buck sound) Buck-buck! I gotta go back to my house and change my look! (swims back to the beach and ran all the way back to Geo Guy's house)

(Shows Dr. Beanson rowing the fishing boat back to the harbor; the nursery rhyme "Row, Row, Row Your Boat" plays over the sequence)

(Geo Guy, who is currently in his original form, came out of Geo Guy's room)

Geo Guy: Phew! Thank goodness, I'm not a chicken anymore! (angry) And now I had enough of stupid people calling me a chicken. (normal) Oh well, time to go back to my room.

(Geo Guy went back inside his bedroom)

Chapter 15: Pinky Information Robot Strikes Back!

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson cycling towards a mountain with the toy)

Dr. Beanson: I hope those sneaky people would never catch me, unless if they're searching for that toy I stole.

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 chasing after on a moped scooter)

Little Guy: Hey, you! Come back here!

Little Guy 2: Yeah!

Dr. Beanson: (scared) YIKES! I gotta run for the roads, but this time, from those Little Guy clones!

(Tour de France by Kraftwerk starts playing)

(Dr. Beanson is chased up the mountain, then Dr. Beanson and the two Little Guys are chased by Little Girl on a bicycle, with Little Girl 2 and Little Girl 3 holding on to Little Girl)

Little Girl 2: You're going too fast!

Little Girl: Awwwww.

Little Girl 3: Chaps... I think you should go the correct speed limit!

Little Girl: Shut up, you British lady.

Little Girl 3: Awwww.

Little Girl: (going faster) Hang on!

(Cue collision with Dr. Beanson, the Little Guy clones, and Little Girl and her clones, they suddenly start going down the mountain and crash as the music continues playing)

Little Girl 2: (lands next to Little Guy 2) Hiya, hottie.

Little Guy 2: Oh muffins.

(Transition to Dr. PBS relaxing in his home: Flipping sideways to the left)

Dr. PBS: Ah. It's pretty nice today, wait, what's that noise coming from the mailbox?

(Dr. PBS runs to his mailbox and picks up a newspaper as Tour de France by Kraftwerk fades out.)

Dr. PBS: The mail's here! (reads the newspaper) "Santed Sailor? Santed Sailor has used The Scan Passer 100000 as Gree Guy uses Dalek Septor 9000! Gree Guy and Santed Sailor must go to jail and get poisoned! Santed Sailor destroyed Pacman, Greeny Michael, Luxo Jr., Dr. Clown, Cookie Monster, Caillou, Dr. Viacom, Gittle Luy, and Glaceon! Also, can you find the Mega Scan Passer? It looks golden, and it has Poisoned Cyan Lasers!" (gets angry) I'm gonna get that fool!

(Cuts to Santed Sailor driving a blimp with Little Guy 8 watching him)

Little Guy 8: What are you driving?

Santed Sailor: I'm driving your car. Who cares?! It's a blimp!

Little Guy 8: Oh, it's the blimp. Let's look at the sky.

(Cuts to outside the blimp, then to Santed Sailor and Little Guy 8)

Little Guy 8: Well, I'm gonna go and get the parachute and jump out of (making quotation marks with fingers) "your blimp". You're working with Gree Guy, aren't you?

Santed Sailor: (nervous) Yes, well, so what?

Little Guy 8: (jealous) I'm outta here! (jumps out of the blimp and deploys a parachute while in the sky)

(Cuts to Santed Sailor)

Santed Sailor: Okay... I'm gonna pray first.

(Santed Sailor prays when suddenly, the blimp starts falling.)

Santed Sailor: (shocked) Oh no! Oh no, oh no!

(The blimp falls more.)

Santed Sailor: (still shocked) OH NO! Oh no!

(The CGI animated blimp crash-landed on a CGI animated mountain with an After Effects explosion)

(The exploded blimp then rolled down on the mountain and into the ocean)

(Santed Sailor swims back up to the surface after his blimp was at the ocean)

Santed Sailor: (angry) Stupid Little Guy clones! They foiled my plans every time I've tried to complete them! Now that I've failed my plans because everyone had foiled all of them, a giant red Beach Park fish with green eyes will come over and eat me alive! You know what that means?

(Jaws Theme by John Williams plays)

(Suddenly, Santed Sailor looks at the bubbles that turn out to be a giant red Beach Park fish with green eyes that came up to the surface behind Santed Sailor, ate him, and swallowed him alive as the music stops.)

(The Beach Park fish finally gets back into the water after eating Santed Sailor alive.)

Dr. PBS: (scheming) This is what he gets. I wonder what the Mega Scan Passer looks like.

(Cuts to the Mega Scan Passer at the purple room, then to Geo Guy in a pink shirt)

Geo Guy: This takes the cake! I have to tell Dr. PBS-son because Gree Guy and Santed Sailor had bought themselves some new foes.

Dr. Beanson: (off-screen) Only if you keep on hating Dr. PBS, you bean head!

(Geo Guy sits down on a chair, then we cut to a German voiced segment.)

Little Guy: Dr. Beanson, ich wünschte, es wäre sicher in diesem Raum. Soll ich in die Diskussion zu bekommen?

Subtitle: Dr. Beanson, I wish it would be safe in this room. Should I get into the discussion?

Dr. Beanson: Mein meine! Ich verstand nicht, dieses Gespräch! Es dauert keine Kredit!

Subtitle: My my! I didn't understand this conversation! It takes no credit!

Little Guy: Ich habe eine Kreditkarte bei mir zu Hause. Und es fehlte immer noch. Ich werde es in ein paar Tagen finden.

Subtitle: I have a credit card at my house. And it was still missing. I will find it in a few days.

Dr. Beanson: (mad) Haben Sie beliebige Eis heute gesehen, Huhn gum gewürzt Sie?

Subtitle: Have you seen any ice today, you spiced chicken gum?

Little Guy: Sie haben in diesem Greeny TV Studio erschienen.

Subtitle: They have appeared in this Greeny TV Studio.

(Little Guy becomes shocked for a split second, then turns mad and explodes Dr. Beanson into the sea. A sound clip from a cartoon plays during the sequence. Geo Guy thinks for a couple of seconds before we cut to Little Guy with Pinky Information Robot.)

Little Guy: Pinky Information Robot, what gives you an electric shock to break up your body parts?

Pinky Information Robot: Batteries are now charging. Pinky will help destroy the Green Bobs. Beep. (7x)

(The camera zooms in on Little Guy as he has an idea with a light bulb above his head. Electronic music plays during this. We then cut to Little Guy's mailbox with a phone with green letters saying HNC. Little Guy picks up the phone and presses the buttons. We then cut to the rear view of Geo Guy and a big screen in front of him, then we cut to Geo Guy sitting in a chair.)

Geo Guy: Huh? What's going on here?

(On the big screen, Little Guy appears in front of the HNC background.)

Little Guy: (laughs evilly in a low pitched voice) This is the way that you have destroyed my pink robot, my pink robot is charged! I'll turn your terrors on you!


(The Green Bob clones turn to Pinky Information Robot.)


(The Green Bobs fight Pinky Information Robot until he explodes in a live-action explosion. We then cut to Little Guy thinking inside the Holy Nightmare Company TV studio.)

Little Guy: Those beasty Bobinators had destroyed my pink robot, my pink robot is destroyed for the last time. Time for a rebuild. I'll destroy SuperGeo and those Bobinators once and for all!

(Relight My Fire cover by Café Society plays as Pinky Robot GX is built.)

Pinky Robot GX: I am Pinky Robot GX. You killed Pinky Information Robot. Prepare to die.

Little Guy: I'll use you later. (turns to the Green Bobs, and talks in Freddy Krueger's voice) I'm not... crazy. (laughs evilly) I know where you live. I'm gonna get you.

(Cuts to Green Bob the 2nd pointing at Little Guy)

Green Bob the 2nd: (low pitched voice) What's going on with you today? Ugh! You ain't no king of 123 Greeny Phatom, you're a king of Grouchland!

(Cuts to Little Guy)

Little Guy: (on the phone; looking at the camera) Sorry, I'm on the phone right now.

(Cuts back to Green Bob the 2nd)

Green Bob the 2nd: Deal with it, Gree Fargo! Can you quit being lazy? It's time for you to quit analyzing. Wake up! (6x) Are you even yelling at me like this so you can give me detention? You didn't even hold that anyway! No more lawsuits! You son of a thief who has full of hate and crime!

(Relight My Fire fades out)

Chapter 16: Check it Out! It's Reading Rainbow!

Green Bob: (pointing at the sky) Look!

(Green Bob and Green Bob 2 are looking up at the sky)

Green Bob: Up at the sky!

Green Bob 2: Oh wow, Green Bob. Is it a bird?

Green Bob: Nope.

Green Bob 2: Well, is it a plane?

Green Bob: Nope.

Green Bob 2: Is it Superman?

Green Bob: Dude, Superman is a copyrighted character made by Warner Bros. and DC Comics. So, no, I don't think it's Superman.

Green Bob 2: Well, what is it then?

Green Bob: (looking at the sky) It's Dr. Beanson, holding two stolen toys, on the rooftop of Toys R Us.

Green Bob 2: Oh! I get it now!

(The Simpsons Theme (8-bit version) plays as we cut to Dr. Beanson standing on the roof of Toys R Us (who has changed from inconsistently being the Bayside Shopping Centre, The Mall in Huntsville, AL, Mentor, OH, Fort Myers, FL, and Orange Park, FL stores to the store in Willow Grove, PA) with the two stolen toys. We then cut to the Green Bobs looking up, then to Dr. Beanson hiding behind the roof when suddenly, Gree Guy chases him.)

Gree Guy: Give me back that toy right this instant!

(Gree Guy chases Dr. Beanson to his house, Gree Guy is then run over by a Toys R Us tractor-trailer truck.)

Dr. Beanson: (points at Gree Guy getting squashed by a Toys R Us truck) Aha! In your face, sucker! (laughs)

(Dr. Beanson went inside his house, taking the toy with him)

Gree Guy: (angry) Shoot! Almost had him! (inflates himself) I gotta go tell Santed Sailor about this.

(Gree Guy walks away, off-screen)

(Cuts to the front exterior view of Dr. Beanson's (and to a lesser extent the Beansons and Little Girl and her clones') house)

Dr. Beanson: Ah! What a night. I've been in here all day, trying to get to bed but I can't sleep, because Doctor is reading books for no drastic reason. (turns to Little Girl and her clones) Little Girls, can you tell Doctor to go to sleep? Doctor is reading a book in bed.

(Little Girl and her clones walk to Doctor's room.)

Little Girl: Yes, Dr. Beanson.

Little Girl 2: Okay.... (turns head to Dr. Beanson and gains "in love" expression) hottie.....

Dr. Beanson: (blushed) Oh gosh, stop it, you.

Little Girl 3: Yes gov'nah! I will tell Doctor to go to sleep.

Dr. Beanson: (normal) Oh goodness, thank you, Little Girls.

Little Girl: No problem.

(Cuts to a pan through Doctor's room from a fish tank to Doctor's bed where a light is inside it. Little Girl knocks on the door and opens it. An audio clip from a Barnes & Noble PBS commercial is heard during the sequence.)

Little Girl: (off-screen) Doctor, lights out!

(The light is turned off. It is turned on again to reveal Doctor holding a flashlight and reading a book.)

Little Girl: (off-screen) Doctor!

(While Doctor gets shocked at the camera, Doctor quickly turned off his flashlight.)

(Fades to Little Girl 3)

Little Girl 3: Well, it looks like you're reading a book in bed!

Little Girl 2: (pushes Little Girl 3) But Kellogg's will put magic cereals on every page. (laughs, then stops) Aw, I crack myself up.

(Cuts to Doctor thinking about his imagination for no real reason at all)

(Cuts to 2000-2006 Reading Rainbow theme song, then cuts to Doctor singing some final words from the lyrics of the Reading Rainbow theme song)

Little Guy: Please, for the love of God, shut up.

(cue shooting star)

Little Guy: (walks away) Nevermind.

(cut to the Green Bobs walking down a sidewalk)

Green Bob: (sighs) We didn't have a chance to destroy Pinky Robot GX, because it's a lot more powerful than Pinky Information Robot.

Green Bob 2: Yeah. I know.

(Pinky Robot GX lands in front of them)

Pinky Robot GX: Time for your extermination!

(Pans to a flower bed in Little Girl's garden (Yes, Dr. Beanson is roommates with Little Girl) while Pinky Robot GX beats up the Green Bobs off-screen)

Text: Back at the Beanson's house...

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson holding a magic wand)

Dr. Beanson: I shall use this magic wand to make Little Guy go nuts. It will trick Little Guy magically.

(Dr. Beanson tapped his magic wand on top of Little Guy's head)

(Little Guy, disgusted, walks forward on the right direction and then walks backwards to the center, then he walked forward on the left direction and then walks backwards to the center, the cycle repeats until the scene cuts to Little Guy getting sucked onto a white hole)

(The white hole becomes a rainbow portal, while Little Guy was shocked)

(The rainbow portal disappears from existence)

Doctor: His Majesty has low points, but I don't think he has ever left these stock prices down.

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson with the graph showing stock prices of books sold in the 123 Greeny Phatom Library)

Dr. Beanson: That's right, Doctor. These books cost a billion dollars because billions of books go on every price. Readers have another approach. Readers never quit.

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson and Doctor)

Doctor: (happy) You do?

Dr. Beanson: Yes.

(The rainbow portal reappears, as Little Guy got out of the rainbow dimension)

(Little Guy gets angry at Dr. Beanson)

Little Guy: (angry) So, is this some sort of a nightmare by letting me inside the rainbow? Ha!

Dr. Beanson: (scared) Good grief, I'm so scared.

(Cuts to the red house, which is Little Guy's mansion)

(Cuts to the interior view, the Green Bobs (now beaten up and in crutches and bandages) walk in)

Green Bob: Ooooooooooo. My head.

Green Bob 2: My arm.

Green Bob: My tummy hurts.

Both: Owwwwwwwwww.

Little Girl: Oh boy. Back with my brother. (turns around) So, boys. What's the problem?

Green Bob 2: (sad) Pinky Robot GX just attacked me and my creator, Green Bob. We should have been going to the hospital right now.

Little Girl: Oh, you poor men. Don't worry, I'll call Moctor to take care of you guys. (whistles)

(Moctor walks to Little Girl)

Moctor: Yes?

Little Girl: (pointing at the Green Bobs) Those Green Bobs got hurt after getting attacked by Pinky Robot GX, Pinky Information Robot's replacement.

Moctor: (takes the Green Bobs to the ambulance) Come with me, you're going to the hospital.

(Cuts to the exterior view of the red house as Moctor's ambulance (yes Moctor is a doctor, and has a degree in helping fix Rescue 911-esque injuries) drove away)

(Cuts to Little Girl walking up to her clones)

Little Girl: (slaps Little Girl 2, and her pants and shirt quickly go back up and down) Come on, get to work!

Little Girl 2: Yes, Little Girl!

Little Girl 3: (with a stern face) Good grief!

(Cuts to the door of the pink room)

(Cuts to Little Guy and Dr. Beanson in the pink room)

Little Guy: Sharing is caring, Dr. Beanson. You should have assisted that you ain't worse than a thief. Thieves need to be locked up in jail forever, and soldiers need to be locked up in jail forever as well. Oh, and, uh, Russians? Of course, they need to be locked up in jail forever, too.

Dr. Beanson: (angry) Nope. It wasn't that someday, and I mean someday, you shouldn't know how to think your violent anger is right for you, and for telling me all the way, to the truth. I have been apologizing to you and your friends for this, thanks to your work.

(Shows Little Guy writing a note to Doctor about the mean things Little Guy did to him; Dr. Beanson is standing next to him, thinking.)

Dr. Beanson: (angry) Little Guy, are you writing something that you have been doing something mean to Doctor?

Little Guy: (angry) Be quiet, please. I'm trying to write a note to Doctor about something mean that I've been doing to him in the past. So yes, I'm writing this to him.

(Little Guy finished writing his note, puts it onto an envelope, and puts it in the mailbox)

(The mail truck picks up an envelope from Little Guy's mailbox and drove away with it)

(Cuts back to Little Guy who has been randomly walking through the door to the pink room)

Little Guy: Anyways, you were saying, Dr. Beanson?

Dr. Beanson: Have you ever read a young adult mystery comedy novel, written by Louis Sachar in 1998, Holes, before?

Little Guy: Yeah, that's because teasing counts like we do. And thanks for plugging me in a book.

Dr. Beanson: You're welcome. Oh, and also, have you read David Shannon's book, No David?

Little Guy: Yes, yes I did. Also, thanks for plugging me in another book.

Dr. Beanson: You're welcome. (thinking) Um, well then, I guess I can ride my bike and deliver every newspaper to everyone, but no problem.

(Cuts to live-action shots of Chicago streets and buildings, one of them being Robert Stainton's other workplace, Pizzeria Due. Then we cut to Dr. Beanson riding a motorcycle)

Dr. Beanson: (in a manner similar to Ricky Caldwell saying "Garbage Day!") NEWSPAPER DELIVERY DAY!

(Cuts to a newspaper being thrown at Geo Guy's feet)

(Cuts to Geo Guy smiling and waving)

Geo Guy: Right on time!

(Cuts back to Dr. Beanson on the motorcycle, honking the horn)

(Cuts to him at the front going fast)

(Dr. Beanson stopped his motorcycle at Wombidy's house and puts a newspaper inside Wombidy's mailbox.)

(Dr. Beanson gets back on his motorcycle and drove away)

(Wombidy went outside of his house through the front door and walks to his mailbox. He opens the mailbox and pops out a newspaper.)

Wombidy: What is this! Another newspaper? Let me read it!

(Cuts to the newspaper with Wombidy's hands holding it)

Wombidy: (reading) "Santed Sailor strikes back! Santed Sailor is alive!?! Well, of course. Gree Guy helped Santed Sailor escape from jail! Santed Sailor and Gree Guy had been disguised by joining in Doctor's music, and Santed Sailor had almost exterminated Doctor with the Dalek Septor 9000. He, along with Gree Guy, must be stopped by SuperGeo, or Pinky Robot GX... by the way. Oh, and speaking of Santed Sailor, did you find the Mega Scan Passer? The hint is that the Mega Scan Passer is in the back of the Beach Park cupboard. Find it, fast!!!"

Wombidy: (afraid) Oh dear! What am I going to do? I think I'll run. No time for that. I have to run!

(Wombidy ran through the forest and hides in the bush)

Chapter 17: The Toy Chase

(Dr. PBS appears in the bush for no reason)

Dr. PBS: Who was running in the forest and hiding over the bush? Is it Wombidy? He can run anywhere else.

(Dr. PBS walks through the grass plain)

(Cuts to Dr. PBS looking at the buildings of 123 Greeny Phatom)

Dr. PBS: Huh? There's no one there. I think I can go to my house.

(Dr. PBS walks at the "123 Greeny Phatom" sign and stands next to it)

Dr. PBS: Anyways, there's no doubt about anyone in 123 Greeny Phatom. I agree this is a perfect city to live in as a cartoon because cartoons are made to be animated by the people who are interested in animation. I... will be... home... alone. Don't see me. I'm trying to lose my concentration and patience.

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson's house)

(Dr. Beanson opens the front door)

Dr. Beanson: Ah! Another beautiful day here in 123 Greeny Phatom. The sun is still shining, the birds are still singing, and winter goes right through the past. (happy) It's about time for my very own dream world relaxation!

(Dr. Beanson kneels down as he looks at the toy)

Dr. Beanson: Wow! I found my toy! I'll take it home, so that way, those people will never catch me!

(Cuts to Little Guy in the left side view)

(Little Guy gets angry and turns around to look at Dr. Beanson)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson, happily holding the toy)

(Dr. Beanson was shocked)

(Cuts to Little Guy running towards the camera)

Little Guy: (angry) Get back here and give me that toy back, you thief!

(Little Guy is chasing Dr. Beanson, but calls Little Guy 2 on his cell phone for help)

Little Guy: (on the phone; angry) Little Guy 2, Dr. Beanson is taking away our toy. Can you please help me chase him down?

Little Guy 2: (off-screen voice in the phone) Yes, Little Guy. I'll be right there!

(Little Guy hangs up his cell phone and continues chasing Dr. Beanson)

(Little Guy 2 ran to Little Guy, helping him chase Dr. Beanson)

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 chased Dr. Beanson into the industrial park at 123 Greeny Phatom)

(Cuts to Little Guy, standing near the pole, looking to the left)

(Little Guy looks at the right)

(Dr. Beanson peeks from the pole and pulls out the toy)

(Little Guy gets even angrier than before)

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 chasing Dr. Beanson while crossing the bridge of the lava river)

(Cuts to the abandoned castle surrounded by a lake of lava)

(Little Guy runs to the door of the castle)

(Dr. Beanson opens the door and takes a peek, looking at Little Guy; Little Guy was disgusted)

(Dr. Beanson then pulls out the toy again)

(Cuts to Little Guy, who is disgusted all the time, and Dr. Beanson, thinking)

(Dr. Beanson smiles at Little Guy)

Dr. Beanson: Nah-nah-nah nah nah nah! You can't catch me!

(Little Guy gets mad and pulls out the Mega Scan Passer)

Little Guy: (in a voice clip from Terminator 2: Judgement Day; mad) Hasta la vista, baby!

(Little Guy shoots Dr. Beanson with the Mega Scan Passer)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson running away from Poisoned Cyan Lasers)

(Cuts to the front view of Dr. Beanson, running towards the camera, away from Poisoned Cyan Lasers)

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 continued chasing Dr. Beanson through the laser hallway)

(Little Guy runs to the door of the castle)

(Dr. Beanson opens the door and takes a peek, looking at Little Guy; Little Guy was disgusted)

(Dr. Beanson then pulls out the toy again)

(Dr. Beanson then leaps out to the stairs with the toy)

(Dr. Beanson runs upstairs with the toy)

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 continued chasing Dr. Beanson up the stairs)

(Dr. Beanson was at the top of the pedestal. He then gets angry at the Little Guy clones and pointed at them.)

Dr. Beanson: (angry) YOU!

Subtitle text: YOU!

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 rolled their eyes while thinking)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson holding the toy; Dr. Beanson is angry)

(Dr. Beanson burst out the toy by punching it, causing the attacking flying Little Guy clone war to occur)

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 ran for their lives as the attacking Little Guy clones fly over them)

(Cuts to the toy, now being thrown, punched, and broken, on the floor)

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 kneeled down and saw that the toy is broken)

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 became upset)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson)

Dr. Beanson: His Highness has a clone war inside the toy which was a very bad start. (starts walking away leaving Little Guy and Little Guy 2 in disappointment) Well then, catch you later.

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson walking out of the industrial park in 123 Greeny Phatom)

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 in disappointment for the toy)

Little Guy: (disappointed) Man, that stupid one-of-a-kind soldier named Dr. Beanson really is a Stinkerputt. We kept on trying and trying to get that toy away from Dr. Beanson, and now we've been trolled.

Little Guy 2: (disappointed) Who could have been a bad soldier who had tried to troll us? We chased Dr. Beanson here at the industrial park in 123 Greeny Phatom, trying to get our toy back, (sad) but now it's gone... forever... because Dr. Beanson broke it on purpose, causing a huge clone war of attacking flying Little Guy clones to occur. We're very upset about the toy, and, we are very disappointed in Dr. Beanson.

Little Guy: (upset) I knew this would have happened, Little Guy 2.

Little Guy 2: (upset) Yeah, it's a shame that the toy was lost forever, but that doesn't mean it's the end of us.

Little Guy: (upset) I see your point, Little Guy 2. Now, who could have been taking over 123 Greeny Phatom better than him?

Gree Guy: (off-screen) Does that answer your question, Little Guy, or should I say, Lignen Hammil Gunpanow?

Little Guy: (disgusted) Hey, who said my full real name in public?

(Little Guy turns around to see Gree Guy and Santed Sailor with their Dalek Septor 9000)

(Cuts to Gree Guy and Santed Sailor with their Dalek Septor 9000)

Gree Guy: I did, Little Guy.

Little Guy: (shocked) Gree Guy!?! Santed Sailor!?!

Little Guy 2: (shocked) We should have known that you came here.

Gree Guy: You should have known better. (scheming) So, Dr. Beanson is a Stinkerputt, and he trolled you too, eh?

Little Guy: (angry) That's right! He has stolen the toy from Toys R Us a few days back, and because he's a bad soldier.

Little Guy 2: (disgusted) Also, how could you do this to us once we met you in the first place?

Gree Guy: I was hoping you would ask. I was a mean man as I thought if I'm a bit old for a reason because I was scheming to take over 123 Greeny Phatom with my partner named Santed Sailor, but we are not just taking over your kingdom, but we will also take over the entire balance of the world.

Santed Sailor: And because, Gree Guy, you would make the plan to destroy the characters from Greeny Phatom, Geo's World, Greeny Michael, Bobby's World, and other cartoons, sir.

Gree Guy: (talking to Santed Sailor) Well, don't be necessary, Santed Sailor. (talking to Little Guy and Little Guy 2) Anyways, me and Santed Sailor became best friends since I first saw him, working on his cruise ship known as Beach Park. We were testing out my new cartoon-exterminating machine called the Dalek Septor 9000.

(Fades to flashback footage of Gree Guy and Santed Sailor, disguising to be in Doctor's music)

Gree Guy: (off-screen) We were also disguised to be in Doctor's music show, made possible in part by the Russian Doctor Union, (shows a new flashback animation of Doctor, only to find out about Gree Guy and Santed Sailor) but all of the sudden, Doctor then finds out about me and Santed Sailor.

(Doctor, from the flashback, gets shocked at Gree Guy and Santed Sailor)

Doctor (in flashback): (shocked) Gree Guy!?! I thought you were joining my music show for the Russian Doctor Union! (sad) How could you do this to me?

Gree Guy (in flashbacks): (scheming) Because me and Santed Sailor were disguised of joining your music show, so I can fool you and troll you.

(Gree Guy, from the flashback, does an evil laugh)

Gree Guy (in flashbacks): (talking to Santed Sailor) Santed Sailor, destroy Doctor with the Dalek Septor 9000.

Santed Sailor (in flashbacks): Yes, sir.

(Doctor (from flashbacks) ran away from Gree Guy and Santed Sailor)

(Santed Sailor (from flashbacks) tried to exterminate Doctor with the Dalek Septor 9000, but failed to do so.)

(The Dalek Septor 9000's laser beam hits the wall, causing it to make a hole)

(Shows a new flashback animation of Doctor, from the flashback, running away from the Russian Doctor Union Headquarters building)

Gree Guy: (off-screen) Santed Sailor already tried to exterminate Doctor with the Dalek Septor 9000 but he failed, because Doctor was running away from us.

(Fades back to Gree Guy in reality)

Gree Guy: (upset) And yes, my plan of exterminating Doctor, by disguising to join his music show, had failed... (jealous) ...thanks to Santed Sailor for spoiling it for me!

Santed Sailor: (using his binoculars) What for? I was just looking at Pinky Robot GX attacking SuperGeo.

(Pans to SuperGeo and Pinky Robot GX fighting)

SuperGeo: You shall never defeat me!!!

Pinky Robot GX: Oh yeah? (punches SuperGeo in the face)

(Cuts to SuperGeo falling out of the sky)

SuperGeo: Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

(Pans back to Santed Sailor)

Santed Sailor: (angry at Gree Guy) What do you mean I spoiled your plan? You're the one who made those evil plans that kept on failing every single time!

Gree Guy: (angry at Santed Sailor) Oh yeah? Well, guess what? I'm smart, you're dumb, I'm old, you're young, I'm big, you're small, I'm tall, you're short, I'm right, you're wrong, and there's nothing you can do about it. Now stop making fun of me and my ideas, you stupid shippy sailor! (turns to Little Guy and Little Guy 2; normal) Sorry for the unfortunate inconvenience. Anyways, me and Santed Sailor are willing to use Dalek Septor 9000 to take over the world and destroy cartoons forever.

(Gree Guy shows Little Guy and Little Guy 2 his Dalek Septor 9000)

Gree Guy: And... because... I have it... right... here!

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2, angry at Gree Guy and Santed Sailor)

Little Guy: (angry) I don't believe it! I don't believe it at all! How can you do something like that to us? And also, how could you do this to my own kingdom?

Little Guy 2: (angry) I knew you are a mean man like Dr. Mother told us. And also, you are the evilest Norwegian person ever!

Santed Sailor: Oh, Little Guy 2, haven't you been scared of him before? I decided to be his partner of Gree Guy's evil business.

Little Guy 2: (angry) You bogus, cruel, and devious fool!

Little Guy: (angry) You don't stand a chance, Gree Guy!

Gree Guy: That's when you're wrong, Lignen, for I, Gramgel Eerkar Gunapow, have the Dalek Septor 9000 to exterminate you and there's nothing for you to stop me.

(Cuts to Little Guy and Little Guy 2, angry at Gree Guy and Santed Sailor)

Little Guy: (angry) You'd better think fast because if you exterminate us, you'll have to exterminate Dr. Beanson first, you double-straight moron!

Gree Guy: (angry) That is unacceptable, you fools! Now you'll get it!

(Cuts to Gree Guy talking to the Dalek Septor 9000 with voice control)

Gree Guy: (angry) Dalek Septor 9000!

(The Dalek Septor 9000 moves its head and makes beeping noises)

Gree Guy: (pointing at Little Guy and Little Guy 2; angry) Exterminate them!

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 got scared)

Little Guy: (scared) Run for it!

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 ran for their lives as the Dalek Septor 9000's laser beam hits the ground of the pedestal)

(Cuts to Gree Guy with his Dalek Septor 9000; Gree Guy crossed his arms while he gets angry)

Gree Guy: (angry) This isn't the end of it, fools! I will get you, Little Guy and Little Guy 2, oh, and Dr. Beanson, too. (scheming) And I mean it! (laughs evilly) BWAHAHAHAHA!

(While Gree Guy laughs evilly, the Dalek Septor 9000 melts in Gree Guy's hands for no reason)

Gree Guy: (with a stern look on his face) Aw phooey.

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson, happily dancing in the grass fields)

(We then cut to Dr. Beanson, walking on the roads)

Dr. Beanson: Those two kings can't toss me out like chewed-up chewing gum. I will walk across the street again, and go to Toys R Us to buy other things.

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson entering a Toys R Us store, which is now the Geoffrey's Toys "R" Us in Louisville, Kentucky)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson and Cookie Monster)

Cookie Monster: Ah, ain't this so cool. Do you want to buy that Mr. Potato Head toy?

Dr. Beanson: Yeah, someone will thank me for this.

(Dr. Beanson gives 10 dollars to Cookie Monster, gets the toy, and went off)

(Cookie Monster sniffs the 10 dollar bill, and then smells it)

Cookie Monster: Ah! This 10 dollar bill smells like... COOKIES!

(Cookie Monster went crazy and makes an "om nom nom" sound as he ate the dollar bill)

(Shows Dr. Beanson walking around Toys R Us)

(Cuts to Earthy Guy outside Toys R Us)

Earthy Guy: The best part is... Dr. Beanson didn't steal any toys, because he bought one. Cookie Monster will be the shopkeeper of this store. (excited) The show... must... go on!

(Cuts to Earthy Guy at the stage, doing the Moonwalk; the audience are clapping and cheering)

Chapter 18: Little Guy Sings Pythagora Switch

(Cuts to outside Dr. Beanson's house, then to Dr. Beanson holding a blue present)

Dr. Beanson: I can hardly wait to wrap this secret gift. You see, permission is permission. Let me check what was inside!

(The gift opens to reveal a mini Dr. Beanson popping out of the toy and dancing to the Sesame Street theme song during an audience applause sound effect. Cuts to Earthy Guy)

Earthy Guy: Wow! It's cool and it looks like Little Guy!

(Cuts to Fabritsio pointing up at the sky)

Fabritsio: There it is! A Mega Scan Passer on it!

Little Guy and Little Guy 2: (confused) A Mega Scan Passer?

(Cuts to Doctor)

Doctor: (looking at a newspaper) I'm bored. What is this written in this randomly-placed newspaper?

(Cuts to the newspaper in Doctor's hands)

Doctor: (reading) "Oh great. Dr. Beanson has put Little Guy clone toys on his toy. Please stop him. First, you must get the Little Girl clones, since the Green Bobs have been in the hospital for the rest of this film. Second, you must get a weapon and get them to follow Dr. Beanson. Third, give them a weapon, have them load it and press shoot on the weapon. Not a bomb. Not a grenade. Not the radioactive ooze from the Quad Cities Nuclear Generating Station. There are even more weapons that don't have "SHOOT" buttons!"

(Cuts to Doctor)

Doctor: It's time for an adventure.

(Cuts to the cliff with the "Sony Wonder" boulder on top of it)

(The "Sony Wonder" logo shines on the cliff by the sun)

(Cuts to Doctor driving on his car)

(We zoom into Doctor's face)

(Cuts to Doctor running on the grass fields)

(We zoom into half of Doctor's body running on the grass fields)

(We then zoom out to Doctor's whole body running on the grass fields)

(Cuts to Doctor in the jungle; Doctor was confused and he closed his eyes)

(Cuts to Little Guy looking at the toy; Little Guy was disgusted, and the toy was safely sealed inside a glass box)

Little Guy: (disgusted) Man, I didn't spend my cash for the Barnes & Noble bookstore. Not even my toy is a complete model. I'm going to Target. Whoever did this such a thing?

(Little Guy went to Target)

(Cuts to Little Guy inside the Target store)

Little Guy: I see the toys there! I'll get to that toy aisle.

(Little Guy goes to the toy aisle until he stopped and looked at the baby toys)

Little Guy: (scheming) Aha!

(Little Guy went back to his house and opens up a present; inside the present was a plush toy figure with a blue head and a green body)

(Little Guy dances to the Pythagora Switch theme song)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson and Earthy Guy)

Dr. Beanson: Oh, would you look at him? He got that toy back!

Earthy Guy: That's good, Dr. Beanson! He hasn't put in too much money anyway.

(Earthy Guy starts walking out of Dr. Beanson's house)

Earthy Guy: Good luck!

(Cuts to Earthy Guy walking out of Dr. Beanson's house and through the sidewalk)

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson, who is mad at the camera)

Dr. Beanson: (mad) Little Guy Insanity doesn't need to do with toys. I want it back! (3x)

(Cuts to the Channel PBS Studio)

(Cuts to Dr. PBS)

Dr. PBS: Little Guy, how is your toy I gave you for this valuable client?

Little Guy: I can't tell you enough how the toy is that I bought. I am very proud of you! This toy is awfully wonderful! Little Guy 2 and I would have had such a terrific life if you had never been bored.

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson, getting angry)

Dr. Beanson: (slowly; angry) I'M... GETTING... ANGRY!!!

(Dr. Beanson's face turns red when he gets angry)

(Dr. Beanson started to get mad)

(Dr. Beanson then gets mad at Little Guy)

(Dr. Beanson sat on the dark red bean bag, getting even madder)

(Dr. Beanson angrily pulled out a piece of paper)


(The VID-TV (BND) theme music suddenly plays in the background.)

Chapter 19: Doctor Beanson Turns 140???

(Cuts to Gree Guy on the brown background; Gree Guy is looking at the camera)

(The camera zooms into Gree Guy's face)

Gree Guy: (slowly; scheming) Time... for... my... own... revenge!

(Cuts to Little Guy and Dr. PBS in the jungle)

Dr. PBS: According to Dr. Beanson, I didn't think he has taken inside his mouth.

Little Guy: That's more like it. Why can't you start an adventure, while I talk to the talking teehee?

(Cuts to Dr. PBS picking up a newspaper)

Dr. PBS: And what is this written in the newspaper? Let's read. (Dr. PBS starts reading the newspaper) Now let me see. Aha! Here's the news! Let's read it. "Santed Sailor and Gree Guy had zapped it again! Santed Sailor zapped Pacman and Luxo Jr. again, while Gree Guy gets his revenge on Geo Guy. Oh no! What are we going to do? Do something now! Do it now! Do it now! Do it now or else Gree Guy will be the king of both 123 Gree City and 123 Greeny Phatom, while Santed Sailor will be the mayor of 123 Greeny Phatom."

Little Guy: Give me that! (grabs the newspaper from Dr. PBS, scrunches it, and throws it into the trash bin) I want the newspaper company to stop making those newspapers that tried to deserve our world!

Dr. PBS: Remember it floats like your boat, your Majesty. Let's go!

(Little Guy and Dr. PBS walked through the hills)

(Cuts to Rainbow Geo Guy and Dr. Beanson on top of Mount Rushmore)

Dr. Beanson: (thinking) Wait, where am I?

Rainbow Geo Guy: Looks like you're stuck here in Mount Rushmore.

Dr. Beanson: That's not true! You have me scared.

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson, thinking about getting out of Mount Rushmore)

Gree Guy: (off-screen) Well, well, well. If it isn't Dr. Beanson.

(Dr. Beanson turns around)

Dr. Beanson: Okay, uh, who said that?

(Cuts to Gree Guy on top of Mount Rushmore)

Dr. Beanson: (afraid) What... what... what are you?

Gree Guy: Do you think that you cannot be a shoplifter, and now you bought the toy?

Dr. Beanson: (thinking) Uh, yes, well I--

Gree Guy: Well, I was supposed to make you go to jail, and you're not shoplifting this time.

(Gree Guy gets angry at Dr. Beanson; Dr. Beanson got scared)

Gree Guy: (angry) You have gone way too far for this, Dr. Beanson! (in Scary Voice) Now, I'll have my revenge on you, shoplifter!

Dr. Beanson: (shocked) Oh no! I've got to drive real fast before time is running out!

(Dr. Beanson gets into his car and drives real fast through the roads; Dr. Beanson's car's speed went up to 140 miles per hour)

(Cuts to Gree Guy and Santed Sailor)

Gree Guy: (angry) Santed Sailor, come over here and destroy Dr. Beanson.

Santed Sailor: I'm sorry, sir, but I guess it's time that you're just gonna have to do it yourself. I would take enough of you!

(Cuts to Gree Guy in his car; the upgraded Dalek Septor 9000 was on top of Gree Guy's car)

Gree Guy: (angry) Nah! I don't need you anyway, you moron!

(Gree Guy gets into his car and drove away to chase Dr. Beanson)

(Cuts to Gree Guy inside his car)

Gree Guy: (angry) Aha! Yeah, that's right! You can drive, but you can't hide, Dr. Beanson!

(Cuts to Gree Guy and Dr. Beanson in a car chase scene)

(SuperGeo flies over to the rescue)

(While Gree Guy's car is chasing Dr. Beanson's car, SuperGeo flies with them)

(Cuts to SuperGeo, flying in the sky and looking at the camera; SuperGeo is mad)

(Cuts to the Dalek Septor 9000 on top of Gree Guy's car)

(SuperGeo used his laser eyes to blast the Dalek Septor 9000. SuperGeo's laser beam hit the Dalek Septor 9000, and it exploded on top of Gree Guy's car, causing Gree Guy and his car to lose control)

(Cuts to Gree Guy's car on the road; Gree Guy's car is losing control, so did Gree Guy, himself)

(Gree Guy's car got crashed into the tree)

(We then zoom into Gree Guy's car)

(Cuts to SuperGeo, jumping down to the ground; SuperGeo is angry)

(Cuts to Gree Guy; Gree Guy got hurt in a car accident after his car crashed into a tree)

SuperGeo: I know what you are doing, Gree Guy. You were trying to exterminate Dr. Beanson with the Dalek Septor 9000 because you called him a shoplifter once again. You have gone way too far for this, Gree Guy!

Gree Guy: (angry) SuperGeo! I should have known that you are on to this confrontation.

SuperGeo: There's no restrict in defeating me, and I shall return you to your palace from 123 Gree City.

Gree Guy: (angry) You'll never take me alive, SuperGeo! I'm more powerful than you! I'm smart, you're dumb, I'm old, you're young, I'm strong, you're weak, I'm tall, you're short, I'm right, you're wrong, and there's nothing you can do about it.

SuperGeo: (angry) And I ain't going down without a fight!

Gree Guy: (angry) You're going down for this!

(Cuts to SuperGeo preparing for a fight)

SuperGeo: (angry) You're on, like... Diddy Kong!

(Shows an animated sequence of Gree Guy and SuperGeo fighting each other)

(SuperGeo does a backflip kick, and Gree Guy got knocked down; the Wilhelm Scream sound effect might be heard during that animated fighting sequence)

(SuperGeo's secret protection powers disappeared)

(We then cut to Gree Guy, laying down on the grass. SuperGeo walked to Gree Guy.)

SuperGeo: (thinking) Heh! It looks like you don't have what it takes to be a hero like me.

Gree Guy: (laying down; disgusted) I... I'm not... finished... with you yet. I will have... no... mercy... on this.

SuperGeo: (thinking) That's right! You wouldn't.

Gree Guy: (angry) You're gonna pay for this!

(Cuts to SuperGeo, holding a Pokeball; SuperGeo is angry)

Geo Guy: I don't think so. Time for you to go home now!

(SuperGeo puts the Pokeball down, gently, to the ground)

(The Pokeball makes a beeping sound)

Gree Guy: (shocked) What the heck!?!

(The Pokeball started to suck up Gree Guy alive, as the magical sucking powers come out of the Pokeball)

Gree Guy: (scared) You'll regret this someday. (screams)

(Gree Guy got sucked up into the Pokeball alive, as the magical sucking powers went back into the Pokeball)

(SuperGeo walked to the Pokeball and picked it up)

SuperGeo: (looking at the Pokeball) You just can't match the power of SuperGeo! (points at the sky and looks at the camera) I won once again!

(The sun shines behind SuperGeo)

(Scene transition to Dr. Beanson's house: Clockwise wipe)

Dr. Beanson: (off-screen) Ah! Home sweet home!

(Cuts to Dr. Beanson in his bedroom)

Dr. Beanson: (looking at the camera) This is the best day we've ever had. Everything is back to normal. There's even everything that I can solve problems in life. Everyone is so excited! So now, we can finally return to every quality theater programming for now on.

(Fades to black)

(Fades to Geo Guy talking to Little Guy and Little Guy 2)

Geo Guy: (happy) Everything is back to normal, Little Guy and Little Guy 2. (cheering) Hooray!

Little Guy: (happy) Yes, Geo Guy. It's good that Dr. Beanson didn't steal any toys, but he bought one.

Little Guy 2: (looking at the camera; happy) And remember kids, there are plenty of toys that you can play with.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 both laughed)

Geo Guy: (happy) He was no longer shoplifting this time, but he may solve problems in life. (laughing) Oh, my God, this is so funny! (happy) Anyways, I hope you enjoyed the tour of Geoville, also known as 123 Geo's World.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 went inside the plane)

Geo Guy: (off-screen) Goodbye, my friend. Farewell!

(Little Guy turns around)

Little Guy: So long, partner. And thanks for the tour.

(Cuts to Geo Guy on the airplane runway)

Geo Guy: (waving goodbye; happy) You're welcome! Have a nice day, Lignen!

(Cuts to Little Guy at the airplane doorway)

Little Guy: (waving goodbye) You too, Geo Guy! (happy) Goodbye!

(Little Guy closed the airplane door)

(Cuts to Geo Guy watching the airplane fly away)

(Fades to black)

Chapter 20: A Very Happy Ending

(Fades to Dr. Beanson in the living room)

(Cuts to Little Girl)

Little Girl: Hey, Dr. Beanson. I'm ready to go to the movies with you.

Dr. Beanson: Sweet! What is that in your hand?

Little Girl: Oh, you mean this? This is the last newspaper to appear in this movie. I'll read it for you.

(Cuts to the last newspaper with Little Girl's hands holding it)

Little Girl: (reading; happy) "Everything is back to normal! Dr. Beanson bought the toy and purchased it. He didn't even make mistakes, but he will solve problems in life. With Gree Guy and Santed Sailor gone, everything is back to the way it is before. We saw the toy with the Japanese music, or is it Little Guy's? And then, everybody lived happily ever after."

(Cuts to Cookie Monster)

Cookie Monster: (happy) Don't forget to join me cookie party!

(Cuts to Dr. Clown)

Dr. Clown: (happy) Me too!

(Cuts to Walter)

Walter: (happy) Me three!

(Cuts to Gary's Father)

Gary's Father: (happy) Me four!

(Cuts to Dr. PBS)

Dr. PBS: (happy) Me five!

(Cuts to Gary's Mother)

Gary's Mother: (happy) Me six!

(Cuts to Earthy Guy)

Earthy Guy: (happy) Me seven!

(Cuts to Little Girl and Dr. Beanson in the living room)

Little Girl: So, that was the end of this movie. Right, Dr. Beanson?

Dr. Beanson: Yep, I really love Toys R Us. Come on, sweetie. Let's go to the movies.

(Dr. Beanson and Little Girl walk outside Dr. Beanson's house as they started walking to the movie theater)

(Fades to black)

(Fades to Little Guy and Little Guy 2 throwing batteries at the toy)

Little Guy: (frustrated) Dang nabbit! I've been in this room for five days to put those double A batteries inside the toy. The frustration. The anonymous and humiliation.

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 paused for a second)

(Little Guy and Little Guy 2 then look at the camera)

Little Guy: (looking at the camera) Don't worry, I'll do it again tomorrow.

(The iris wipe occurs on Little Guy's face, as it shrinks and disappears to black)

Chapter 21: Credits

Text: Directed by Robert Stainton

Text: Produced by Robert Stainton & Patrice Dard

Text: Co-Produced by Seth Green

Text underneath: He's only the co-producer of this film for money.

Text: Screenplay by Gabriel Garcia

Text: Written by Jake Sharratt, Robert Stainton, and Terry Ward

Text: Executive Producer Sam Simon

Text: Co-Executive Producer David Silverman

Text: Based on the characters created by Robert Stainton

Text: Original Music Composed and Conducted by David Newman

Text: Themes Composed by Danny Elfman

Text: Editing by John Venzon

Text: Production Designers Don Bluth and Robert Stainton

Text: Art Director Kenneth Valentine Slevin

Text: Visual Effects Supervisors David Paul Dozoretz and Peter de Mund

Text: Visual Effects Designer Peter de Mund

Text: Toronto Unit Head James Clayton

Text: Toronto Unit Directors Greg Bailey and Erika Clayton

Text: Chicago Unit Head Nate Stainton

Text: Chicago Unit Director Crystal Stainton

Text: Utica Unit Head Rod Rodger

Text: Utica Unit Director Audel LaRoque

Text: France Unit Head Gaëtan Brizzi

Text: France Unit Director Paul Brizzi

Text: Barcelona Unit Head Antoni D'Ocon

Text: Barcelona Unit Director John Laurence Collins

Text: Supervising Animation Director Alan Smart

Text: Animation Directors Don Bluth and Gary Goldman

Text: Production Manager Robert Stainton

Text: Sound Designer Randy Thom

Text: Casting by Ruth Lambert

Text: Dialogue Director Jamie Thomason

Text: Starring the Voice Talents of...

(Shows footage of Little Guy)

Text: Robert Stainton as Little Guy

(Shows footage of Santed Sailor)

Text: Robert Stainton as Santed Sailor

(Shows footage of Dr. Beanson holding the toy)

Text: Jason Lee as Dr. Beanson

(Shows footage of Little Guy and Little Guy 2)

Text: Owen Wilson as Little Guy 2

(Shows footage of Little Girl riding a bicycle)

Text: Georgia Denney as Little Girl

(Shows footage of Doctor)

Text: Billy Crystal as Doctor

(Fades to black)

Text: Twentieth Century Fox Animation presents

Text: GreenyWorld Pictures presents (in the 2005 and 2013 re-releases)

Text: GreenyWorld Pictures and Orion Pictures present (in the 2013 3D re-release)

Text: BBC Films presents (in UK prints)

Text: Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios present (in international prints)

Text: Alliance Atlantis Communications presents (in Canadian prints)

Text: Media Asia Entertainment Group presents (in Asian prints)

Text: In association with Sony Wonder and Sesame Workshop

Text: A CINAR Production

Text: A film by Robert Stainton

(Shows the film's title)

(Fades to black)

(Shows the scrolling closing credits)

(We saw Green Bob 2 walking to the center of the black background)

(Green Bob 2 turned his head towards the camera)

Green Bob 2: Oh!

(Green Bob 2 completely turned his body)

Green Bob 2: (looking at the camera) Oh, you're still there. Didn't I tell you? (pauses for 3 seconds) Time for bed! (laughs) Ha ha ha!

(Green Bob 2 vanished himself with magic dust)

Text: In memory of Nick Brignola, Arnold Jay, and Nick Clayton

(Fades to black)

(Shows GreenyWorld Studios logo)

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