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Greeny Phatom The Movie
Theatrical release poster
Film information

Directed by

Robert W. Stainton

Produced by

Robert W. Stainton
Patrice Dard

Written by

Robert W. Stainton
Terry Ward

Music by

David Newman (score)
Danny Elfman (themes, uncredited)

Editing by

John Venzon


20th Century Fox Animation
Sesame Workshop
CINAR (uncredited)
Sony Wonder
Sony Pictures Entertainment

Distributed by

20th Century Fox
Paramount Pictures & Universal Studios (international)
Alliance Atlantis Communications (Canada)

Release Date(s)

July 21, 2002
April 4, 2003 (IMAX release)
February 18, 2005 (re-release)

Running time

97 minutes




$28 million

Gross Revenue


Followed by

Greeny Phatom The Movie 2

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Greeny Phatom The Movie (formerly Chalkzone meets Greeny Phatom) is a 2002 animated comedy film based on the animated television series Greeny Phatom, created by Robert W. Stainton. The film was directed by Robert W. Stainton. It was produced by 20th Century Fox, Sony Wonder, Paramount Pictures and Universal Studios in association with CTW and CINAR. It was the first Fox film in a while (after Titan A.E.) to be traditionally animated.

The film centers around how Dr. Beanson takes the toy he wants from Toys "R" Us without paying for it. Little Guy and Little Guy 2 try to take the toy away from him so he can get prosecuted, while Dr. Beanson tries to stop them and restore his reputation.

The film was released in theaters on July 21, 2002 and re-released on February 18, 2005, and on home video on October 15, 2002. The film went on to gross $28 million worldwide in theaters, making it a box office hit while produced on a modest $21 million budget. The film was released to generally positive reviews from critics, who appreciated the humor, social satire, and political commentary. A sequel, titled Greeny Phatom The Movie 2, was released on August 23, 2013.

This is also the only time Gree Guy appears in a movie as he got burned in a fire in 2001, up until The Greeny Phatom Show and Greeny Phatom The Movie 3.


Intro (2003 release only) Edit

Spoiler warningPlot and/or ending details follow.

The Fox, Sony and CTW logos appear, then, as the Smash Mouth song All Star is playing, Little Guy wakes up, dresses up, and skateboards out of his house. He sees Gree Guy spanking Geo Guy (Gree gets beaten up by the cops), rides a motorcycle with Dr. Beanson and the new Dr. PBS (later going into the Beach Park) as they beat up Santed Sailor. At the end, Dr. Beanson runs away; Little Guy assumes he is jogging.

2005 GPTM intro Edit

The plot is based on the cancelled episode Dr. Beanson and the Toy. One night, Dr. Beanson Never Talks about Little Guy Insanity Stuff, so he wants to buy something at Toys R' Us. When Dr. Beanson is at the bikes, he says it is better than Dexter's Laboratory. Dr. Beanson Can't Wait to Buy Toys, and more. When Little Guy and Dr. Mother Talks About where Dr. Beanson is. Little Guy got angry because he want to go to Toy R Us to buy something. When Little Guy and Dr. Mother went into the toys section and talks about it and it had Little Guy Insanity Stuff. Then Dr. Beanson sees Toy, and takes it, and he walks to the Toy Story 3 Store (which has not been opened yet) and took it home.

The Little Guy clones looking for Dr. Beanson and Little Guy 2 point it and he went that way. Little Guy was so mad, Dr. Beanson wants to buy the toy, and he never shares it for everyone. Then, Little Guy and Little Guy 2 needs to get Dr. Beanson, and Then Dr. Beanson runs his life to take the toy home and then he won, Dr. Beanson got it and he never need it for Everyone. Then Gree Guy came here to see Dr. Beanson, and get mad, and Dr. Beanson shows the toy and hand it to Gree Guy to Gave it to Little Guy.

The Little Guys love to play with the toy, he want it to keep it. and Dr. Beanson is so sad, because it was his fault. Then Little Guy had a Little Guy Toy, and having fun. Then Dr. Beanson came up and talks about the toy to have it back, Then Gree Guy grabs Dr. Beanson, which he can't have it back. He's going to jail.

Dr. Beanson is now in jail, he was going back to sleep for 3 days. Then, when the sun comes up that morning, Dr. Beanson woke up, he was correct, it was July 21, 2002/February 18, 2005. Little Guy 2 asking about Dr. Beanson woke up for 3 days. Then Little Guy can't hear anything, then he whisper and said 3 days for 9 times. Little Guy is so mad, he wants to fight back that Edward Gil. Then Dr. Beanson Came around and said, "Hello, I'm Dr. Beanson, I'm One of a kind Soldier, that brings you this message." Little Guy talks about the Day, and Little Guy got so Angry he talks about the thief.

Then Green Bob Second came here to ask about his friend, Green Bob. Little Guy ask about the music is nice and Green Bob Second's Voice is Cool, Then Green Bob Second Talks about Little Guy's Voice sound like, Tommy the Tuba and he laughs. Little Guy is so Mad, Green Bob Second's voice is so annoying. Then, Dr. and Dr. Beanson steals Little Guy's toy away. Next, Gree Guy came here to visit Little Guy's House and Dr. Beanson came here to ask Gree Guy and Then he Ask Little Guy and Little Guy 2 that Dr. Beanson steals Little Guy's toy.

Dr. Beanson sit on his bed, and he hates trolls. Then, Dr. Beanson had a idea that he wants to take Little Guy's toy.

More plot coming soon!

Ending Edit

At the end, Dr. Beanson FINALLY buys the toy and the film ends.

A post credits scene features Little Guy and Dr. Beanson beating up Gree Guy and going to the newly-created Dr. PBS's house, leading to Little Guy and The Mystery to New York.

The original release had a different credits sequence, featuring extra credits (notably "Extra Animation: TMS Entertainment, Zagreb School of Animated Films, and Klasky Csupo"). The original credits are included as a bonus feature on the Greeny Phatom DVD Pack's special features disc.

Spoiler warningSpoilers end here.


Chalkzone meets Greeny Phatom
CZmGP 1998 Movie Poster
Original poster (before getting delayed)
Film information

Directed by

Robert Stainton

Produced by

Keegan Salisbury
Gree G.

Music by

Guy Moon

Editing by

John Carnochan


Sony Wonder
Greeny Phatom Studios
Nickelodeon Movies
GreenyWorld Studios Jamaica

Distributed by

Paramount Pictures
Columbia Pictures

Release Date(s)

Cancelled and scrapped (replaced with Greeny Phatom The Movie in early 1999)

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Greeny Phatom The Movie was originally being titled Chalkzone meets Greeny Phatom. The script was written by Gree G. (before he began copying Greeny Phatom in Gree City), Millard Fillmore and Keegan Salisbury. With 20th Century Fox's acquisition of the GP franchise in early 1999, the rights for the film reverted to 20th Century Fox and Sony Wonder, following an unreleased prototype distributed by Warner Bros. internationally and directed by Tim Burton. After the film recieved a PG-13 rating, Stainton took over director, and the plot was redone using the plot for Dr. Beanson and The Toy, as Burton was later fired and the original, slated for a 2000 release, was later found as an easter egg on the 2003 IMAX DVD (later versions did not have it). Paramount and Universal soon held international rights. The film was originally stated as a November 2, 2001 release, but it was pushed back to July 21, 2002 to avoid competition with Monsters Inc.

An original storyline for the film can be read here.

Plot for Chalkzone meets Greeny Phatom Edit

So Snap is in a classroom and saying, "Hmm... I'm bored, lets go draw a chalkzone so that i can go to The city of 123 Greeny Phatom!" and so, he did. he jumped in the chalkzone while saying "Oh Yeah, Legendary Freedom!!" and then, he teleported into The City of 123 Greeny Phatom and then he says "WHOA! I got here in like, 45 seconds!" and then Dr. Beanson said Hi to Snap and said "Welcome to 123 Greeny Phatom! try the new Bananas in Pyjamas bananas!!"

This is all they had gotten, because of the events above.

Geo Animation Studios Edit

The sequences created by Geo Animation Studios (creators of Greenuts) are The Toy and the credits sequence. Both were directed by Jake Sharratt.


  • A Teaser Trailer for the film was released on May 12, 2001.
  • There are 3 Theatrical Trailers for the film was released on January 26, 2002, the second trailer released on March 23, 2002 and the third trailer released on May 28, 2002.
  • A TV Spot was also aired.


Home media Edit

Main article(s): Greeny Phatom The Movie/Home Video

The DVD was released on October 15, 2002, in separate widescreen and fullscreen two-disc editions. In 2005, a special THX edition with DTS sound, a look at the next Greeny Toon, World Of Jake, 10 Greeny Phatom episodes (1 from each of the 10 seasons), playable games, a demo of Greeny Phatom The Video Game on Xbox and PS2, galleries, and an extended cut of the film, also with 2 discs. It was also released on Blu-ray + DVD combo pack on October 8, 2011, containing an all-new short Little Guy and The Mystery to New York (before its official release as one of the first Little Guy Mystery Movies) and a DTS version of Geo Guy Gets Nuts.

A VHS release was also release on October 15, 2002.

The widescreen edition was part of the Windows XP Greeny Phatom Edition in Christmas 2002.

3D Re-release Edit

A 3D re-release for the film will be in theaters in 2013.



Main article(s): Greeny Phatom The Movie – Music from the Movie and More...

2 soundtracks were available.The 1st one was Music From the Movie and More, and the other is a score album by David Newman.

The theme is "Come On, Come On" by Smash Mouth.

Video GameEdit

Main article(s): Greeny Phatom The Movie (video game)

A video game was developed by "Balls" and Fox Interactive, distributed by Sony Wonder and published by "Balls"


Main article(s): Greeny Phatom The Movie 2

A sequel, titled Greeny Phatom The Movie 2, was released on August 23, 2013.

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