User of the Month is a feature of the wiki that shows who is the best user of that month. To win User of the Month, you need to edit more often, be known for a lot of stuff on that month, help the community, etc.

If it's a tie, then there will be a 2 player poll about who's going to be User of the Month and the voting for that will end on the last day of that month. If it's still a tie, then the admins will decide who'll be it, and User of the Month will be announced at that point.

If no one voted, then the creator of that thread will re-highlight the poll, and it's like the tiebreaker for User of the Month.


The User of the Month feature was added by former admin, DTSFactory, which he got blocked on April 22, 2015 because of the DTS Incident, on March 8, 2015. The original name of User of the Month is "Hero user of the month". Since no one cared about the feature, there was Alex-Sixand, who awarded herself as User of the Month on March 26, 2015, thus, Alexis is the first user to be User of the month. But there is one problem; Who gave her the User of the Month? Well, no one.

Of course, many users are fighting for User of the Month, but It doesn't mean they're the best user of the wiki, as of that month. Since March 2015, there was conflicting over User of the Month.

On April 26, 2015, "Hero user of the month" was renamed to "User of the Month".

On June 22, 2015, Instead of anyone placing their name on the User of the Month, there should be a poll with 3 of one of the top users of that month. The poll would last for 1 month, and then it would reset. If there was one choice that was voted the most, then that user will be User of the Month.

List of users that became User of the Month

User Date awarded Who awarded that user? Notes
Alex-Sixand March 26, 2015 N/A First user to become User of the Month
HiddenLuigi April 25, 2015
Laser Pikachus May 26, 2015 Instead of changing users on the homepage, the admins edit the username on a template.
No one June 26, 2015
ToonLinkMinions11 July 26, 2015 First user voted to be User of the Month
KTMWikia8000 August 26, 2015
No one September 26, 2015

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