Jake Sanford
Born December 30, 1968
Notable work The Jeff Jones Show
Home town Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
Family: Sasha Sanford

Ane Etxebarria-Sanford

The Mindwheel

Jake Sanford (born December 30, 1968) is a American-born Canadian actor, writer, artist, illustrator, editor, SFX artist, suit actor, activist, and makeup artist who is best known for creating the well-known Canadian TV series The Jeff Jones Show, and for directing many campy films, most of which are released direct-to-video and given awkward reactions from critics.

He is married to Ane Etxebarria-Sanford, a Catalan expatriate. They live in Anmore, British Columbia with their 7 sons and 8 daughters, all of which came from adoptions and a previous marriage.


Jake was born in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, United States; and because his father worked for NORAD's Canadian operations, lived in many different places across Canada when he was growing up. He went on to appear in his grandfathers' films with his company, Gil-Mar Productions (nowadays known as Jake's company Sanford Productions), where he created his monster characters, Ickis, Oblina, and Krumm (which he also has a part creator's credit with Arlene Klasky and Gabor Csupo).

During the later seasons of The Jeff Jones Show and while directing his first films, he studied film at the University of British Columbia.

At Apple Entertainment's theme parks, he played the characters of Dook LaRue, Country Cal, Jeff Jones, Simon the Monster Hunter, and Flash the Lion in and out of costume.

He has worked on most of the Greeny Phatom episodes.

Jake Sanford also hosts a web series, Jake Sanford's Why?.


Jacqueline, Jake's pet hen

Jake is currently on the preordering list for the new Technics SL-1200 turntables, and will be getting the limited run edition and the consumer edition.

In 1989, Jake was diagnosed with autism, and currently campaigns for various autism-related groups and organizations including, but not limited to, Autism Speaks and the Autism Society of America.

Jake has nine YouTube accounts, called: JakeSanfordOnline (main channel), DrSanford (comedy channel), MrSanford (animation channel), SirSanford (channel for Jake Sanford's Why?), AutisticManTheBrave (music channel), CountryCalTheCougar (channel for YouTube Poop videos), MasterChefJakeSanford (cooking channel), OsamaBinSanford (channel where he uploads episodes and stuff related to his various series and movies), andGawdHowManyAccountsDoIHaveAlready (channel for Barney Bunch videos).

He also tends to edit his own Encyclopedia Dramatica, Uncyclopedia, and Wikipedia pages.

He also used to be an admin for the Reddit subreddit /r/HailCorporate/, but later quit it over accusations of cyberbullying. He currently contributes to the /r/NotFoolingAnybody/ subreddit along with the other Reddit Retail Network subreddits with Alina Withers.

He also owns a huge free range chicken and duck farm in Vancouver. He also has a pet hen, a Rhode Island Red named Jacqueline, of which Jake found as a feral chicken in Wisconsin.

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