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Little Girl 3 is a clone of Little Girl. She is a female version of Little Guy 3.


Little Girl 3 was a result of Glaceon spitting in the DNA bowl while Little Girl was trying to create a 3rd Little Girl clone.

Little Girl 3 (Season 20)

Little Girl 3 in Season 20-present

Little Girl 3

What she looks like.


  • She has orange skin and red hair.
  • She wears a dark blue bow.
  • She wears a dark blue shirt and a union jack skirt on.
  • She wears dark blue slippers on her feet.


  • She is one of the secondary characters in Greeny Phatom.
  • She, before Season 5 and up until Season 21, spoke with a British accent.
    • Nancy Lenihan was taught by Frank Welker to do the accent.
      • Crystal Stainton, the assistant to Nancy, described the voice used in Season 4 and currently in Season 21 as "Broadway Helen Henny minus the clucking".
  • She is considered the British Greeny Phatom fanbase's mascot.
  • She is voiced by Natalia Tena in Latin American and Castillian Spanish (recording from London).
  • She is voiced by Chie Matsuura in Japanese.

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