Pentasaurus Media is a company, and used to be a rival to Stainton Enterprises, however this rivalry was short-lived, after Stainton acquired most of Pentasaurus assets.


Pentasaurus Media began as an advertising agency and an animation studio in, both, New York and Bristol, in 2009.

Pentasaurus Media's biggest expansion happened during and between 2010 and 2013, when Pentasaurus Media acquired theatre chains, many video game development studios (and even so-called "porting houses"), toy manufacturers, visual effects companies, bowling centers, arcades, recording labels, an amusement park, licensing divisions, an airline, technology companies and film studios, and founded film financing companies, a film streaming service and a digital production studio (which provides digital content for Pentasaurus, Netflix, Hulu and Amazon).

However, in December 4, 2015, Stainton Enterprises announced the progress of acquisiton of most of Pentasaurus assets, and moving under Stainton Enterprises. Starting with Pentasurus Airlines merging with Greenyworld Airlines, Stainton Enterprises acquired all of the toy manufacturers, bowling centers, game development studios, animation studios, theatre chains, visual effects companies, licensing divisions, arcades, technology companies, film production-related companies, amusement parks and record labels. The acquisition was completed in December 28th, 2015, and cost $50 billion.

In January 4, 2016, Pentasaurus announced the merger of it's remaining feature film production company, film studio, film financing division, game development studio, streaming service, digital production studio, and 2 record labels. The resulting company became Pentasaurus Studios, which will be based in both New York City and Bristol.

Pentasaurus Media has experience of it's profit skyrocketing, having sold all/most of it's divisions related to advertising, public relations, film exhibitor, consumer products, toys, amusement parks, comic books, travel, recording labels, bowling alleys, animation, marketing, mobile marketing, translation & localization, website development, puppetry, licensing, visual effects, animatronics, CGI animation, computer hardware, post-production, stereoscopic 3D imagery and stereoscopic 3D production, to Stainton Enterprises.

Pentasaurus Media will use most of the money for funding of Pentasaurus Studios projects.

After Endemol Shine Group bought out 50% of the company, the streaming service division of Pentasaurus Studios was merged to Endemol Beyond.

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