"Pilot Episode"
Season: 1
Episode: 1
Series Episode Number: Unknown
Original Airdate: August 13, 1995
Production Code: Unknown
Guest Characters: None
Written by: Robert Stainton
Directed by: Robert Stainton
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The Original Pilot Pitch
Reading Windows Errors

Pilot (also known as Doctor Fights Back) is the first episode of Greeny Phatom and is an episode of Season 1.

Short plot

Green Bob insults Dr. Beanson, calling him a mean enemy, which causes Dr. Beanson to be mad at him.

Longer plot

Green Bob makes fun of Dr. Beanson, calling him a mean enemy, which causes Dr. Beanson to be mad at him and starts to attack him. The sequence, Sing Along Songs with Doctor, pops up. After Sing Along Songs with Doctor, Dr. Clown played a trick on Little Guy, which made him mad. After that conversation, Little Guy mentions Season 2.



  • During the part when Dr. Beanson starts attacking Green Bob, Little Guy comes into the scene and asks if the show will be renewed for Season 2 or not, but when Dr. Beanson responds "No!", he slowly starts walking out, thus breaking the fourth wall.
  • This episode was rated TV-Y7-FV, instead of the usual TV-Y7, because of the amount of violence shown on-screen in this episode.
  • This episode was originally to air on Fox Kids, but was aired on a Sunday for test reasons.
  • At one point, Dr. Beanson says "I'm not gonna say it again, now get in your-" in a different voice. That soundclip was provided by Veronica Taylor using her Ash Ketchum/Mamoru Amami voice.


  • When Dr. Beanson delivers his first punch to Green Bob, for a brief frame, his mouth is completely missing. (This is only noticeable if you have a VCR or DVD player and you're trying to rewind it to the frame)
  • On the Greeny Phatom DVD Pack version of the episode, if you can hear closely, when Dr. Beanson starts attacking Green Bob, you can hear the voice of Robert Stainton saying "Take two!".

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