"Pilot Pitch (Finley's World episode)"
Finley's World Pilot Pitch title card
The title card of the pilot pitch.
Season: 0
Episode: 1
Series Episode Number: 0
Original Airdate: 2005
Production Code: Unknown
Guest Characters: Robert Stainton as Little Guy
James Clayton as Little Guy 2
Jason Lee as Dr. Beanson
Written by: Finley Small
Directed by: Finley Small
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The pilot pitch is the original pilot of Finley's World. It aired in 2005 on Nickelodeon as a sneak peek and it was only seen for one day only.


In 2005, Finley Small made a pilot pitch of Finley's World. After he made the pitch, he then pitched it to Nickelodeon and then Nick aired it on their channel as a sneak peek and it was only seen for one day only. After all that, Nickelodeon has green-lit it into a full series in 2006.


It was a normal day in a city in the United States called Finleyville and Finley (even though he is British) went to see his best friend, Satin Guy (he's British too) and he said that they are invited to a party from Little Guy. However, Evil Finley tries to ruin the party, so it's up to Finley and Satin Guy to stop him.


Voice Cast


  • Finley Small voiced all of the characters in the pilot pitch expect for Little Guy, Little Guy 2 and Dr. Beanson but in the first episode of Finley's World, Pilot, Finley, Amanda, Fraser, Molly and Evil Finley are still voiced by Finley Small expect for Satin Guy. Satin Guy was now voiced by English actor and voice actor, Michael Angelis who was known for narrating the British children's television series, Thomas and Friends from season 3 to season 16 and also in the first episode, Finley, Amanda, Fraser and Molly were in a certain town in Merseyside called Crosby and they were moving out of there, Evil Finley did the same thing and he teamed up with Bob Beanson.
  • This episode was only seen on Nickelodeon as a sneak peek and only seen for one day only.
  • This marks the first appearance of Finley, Amanda, Fraser, Molly, Evil Finley, Satin Guy, Little Guy, Little Guy 2 and Dr. Beanson.
  • The writing, the directing, most of the cast, the producing and the editing was all made by Finley Small.
  • The episode is actually appeared on the first season DVD box set as a bonus feature.