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2010 (as Finley Small Pictures)
2011 (as United Finley Productions)
2013 (as PlanetFinley)


Finley Small
Michael Wildshill (owner)


Burbank, United States

Area served



Red Ball Animation


Cubonk (2014-2015, closed)
Independent (2016-present)

PlanetFinley or Finley Small Pictures is the production company of the animator Finley Small. Its productions include the animated series Finley's World, Finley TV and Satin City. It was established in 2011. After 2012, Michael purchased the company and renamed it PlanetFinley.


PlanetFinley was founded in 2010 as Finley Small Pictures before PlanetFinley was created until 2011.

In 2011, Finley Small Pictures has renamed as United Finley Productions, but after the purchase by Cubonk, PlanetFinley


Television shows

Title Creator(s) Years Active Co-produced by
Finley's World Finley Small 2011-present Greenyworld Television, Klasky Csupo, Inc. (now Breakthrough/Zodiak Media Group) & Warner Bros. Animation
Finley TV Finley Small 2012-present Cartoon Network Studios & Frederator Studios
Team Finley Finley Small 2013-present Finley's World Home Entertainment
Satin City Finley Small 2014-present Frederator Studios & Pixar Animation Studios
Finley Gone Crazy Finley Small 2015-2019

Frederator Studios & Warner Bros. Animation

The Axaxins Michael Wildshill

2014/2013 (premiere)

Cubonk, Greenyworld Studios, Handblind and DeviantArt

Feature films

Released films

# Title Release date Budget Gross RT Co-produced by Type of film
1 Finley Movie September 15, 2012 $44,000,000 $435,784,745 89% Warner Bros. Pictures & 20th Century Fox Traditional animation
2 Team Finley: The Movie October 27, 2013 $63,000,000 $72,472,352 53% 20th Century Fox & Red Ball Animation Traditional animation
3 Satin City: The Movie October 18, 2014 $67,000,000 $843,854,845 79% Warner Bros. Pictures & Pixar Animation Studios Traditional animation
4 Finley Movie 2 November 28, 2015 $72,000,000 $842,042,424 98% Warner Bros. Pictures & 20th Century Fox Traditional animation
5 Finley Movie 3 December 24, 2016 $18,000,000 $435,743,854 59% Warner Bros. Pictures & 20th Century Fox Traditional animation
6 Finley Movie 4 March 30, 2017 $78,000,000 $548,845,854 91% Warner Bros. Pictures & 20th Century Fox Traditonal animation
7 Team Finley: The Movie 2 June 27, 2018 $53,000,000 $832,426,931 52% 20th Century Fox Traditonal animation
8 Finley Movie 5 July 23, 2019 $49,000,000 $348,438,843 69% Warner Bros. Pictures Traditonal animation
9 Kyle May 24, 2020 $76,000,000 $385,743,439 65% 20th Century Fox CGI-animation
10 Finley Movie 6 July 4, 2020 $78,000,000 $48,438,345 94% Warner Bros. Pictures & 20th Century Fox Traditonal animation

Upcoming films

Title Release date Co-produced by
Finley's World Bigger, Longer and Uncut July 3, 2013 Warner Bros. Pictures & Paramount Pictures
Super Orange Ball May 25, 2022 Warner Bros. Pictures
Untitled film August 29, 2022 Universal Pictures
Geo Guy's Geo-tastic Adventure TBA TBA
Untitled Finley Small project TBA TBA
Untitled The Axaxins project TBA Greenyworld

Additional note: Michael announced after 98th episode, they start to make a movie.

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