Cocks are NOT tasty for good guys!
— Robert
Robert Slave


Robbieboy (former)








10 (When started)

Birth Date

27 August 2002

Known for

Watching his favorite shows (except for Gree City), creating his own things


Finley Small, Lucas Hurford, Geo G., Jake Sharrat, Robert W. Stainton, Tyler "TJ" Drum, Brandon Jenerson and Brian Bland (friends) Eggy Soulster (best friend)


Gree G. Felippebross

Robert Mihai Slave (Born August 27, 2002), known by his stage name Robuscus and formely Robbieboy, is a romanian cartoonist, voice actor and film and television producer, notably known for his work for film and television, and is the creator of the Robuscus Universal (which consists of Robert's World, Robert TV (Robert's World spin-off), The Robert Soulster Show (Greeny Phatom spin-off) and other Robuscus shows) and the Super Green Ball series.


Robert Slave was born in 2002 and has directed a lot of films ever since, such as RexMovie in 2012. He is most commonly known for being the creator of the animated series Robert's World .

He had founded his own company, Rickelodeon  in 2013.



Title Release year
RexMovie 2012
Robert Movie 2014
Robert Movie 2 2014
Robert Movie 3 2014
James Guards 2014

Robert's World: The Movie

Robert's World 2: Home Alone


Robert Movie 4


Robert's World 3: Lost in 123 Bryan's World

Greeny Robert: The Movie 2016
Robert Movie 5 2016
Robert's World: Bigger, Stronger, Longer and Uncut 2016
Robert Movie 6 2017
Gittle's World: The Movie 2017
The Robert's World Kids Movie 2017
Robert's Clubhouse 2018
Robert Movie 7 2018
The Ron Tyler Movie 2018
Robert Movie 8 2019
Robert's World 4:  2019
Robert Soulster on Brian Time 2020
The Ron Tyler Movie 2: Ron Tyler Returns 2020
Robert Movie 9 2020
Robert's 1st Movie 2021
Robert's Friends 2021
Super Green Ball 2022
Untitled Rickelodeon film 2022
Robert Movie 10 2023
Robert Soulster and the Curse of the Hug Wolf 2023
The Robert Soulster Movie TBA
Robert's World: The Rampage of Gree Guy TBA
Robert Soulster's Robert-astic Adventure TBA
Untitled Robert's World film TBA
Finley's World: The Movie 9 TBA
Robert Soulster: The Death of Brian Bland TBA
Untitled Robert's Friends sequel TBA
Robert's 2nd Movie TBA
Woody Woodpecker: The Movie TBA
Untitled Woody Woodpecker: The Movie sequel TBA


Title Original run
Robert's World 2013
Gittle's World  2013-present
Robert TV 2014-present
The Robert Soulster Show 2015-2020
Greeny Robert 2016-present
Robert Soulster Gone Crazy 2015-2020
The Ron Tyler Show 2018-present
The New Robert Soulster Show 2021-2022
Robert Soulster and Friends 2020-2023
Robert's World Kids


Short films

Robert Soulster Gone Crazy  2015 (with Robert's World The Movie and Robert's World 2: Home Alone)
Robert Soulster and the Final Mystery 2016 (with Robert's World 3: Lost in 123 Bryan's World and Greeny Robert: The Movie)