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Robert Wilson (Greeny Phatom Character)
Created and Designed by Robert Wilson himself
Animated by Robert Wilson himself
Voiced by Will M
Age 16
Status alive

Robert Wilson is a guest animator for Greenyworld Enterprises. He guest animated two Nickelodeon bumpers for the Nick airings of Greeny Phatom. He is voiced by himself, and appears in the episode Who is R.W.?, which he animates and writes, and voices everyone in the episode.


He has white skin, blonde hair, and a green hoodie.


  • He is on this wiki, under the name Robowil.
  • Despite his name being Robert Wilson, his name on YouTube is Will M.
  • His video game debut was Greeny Phatom: Rise of the GreeBots.
  • He likes to be called "Rob" for short.
  • He has a brother who hates the Greeny Phatom franchise.
  • He is one of the only characters to be drawn differently from other characters in the series.