Robuscus in Robert's World
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Episode count Unknown
Age 10
Family Finley Small and Fraser Brown (brothers) Amanda Windsor (mother)
Hello, I'm Robert Slave. The King of 123 Robert's World
―Robert's catchphrase

Robert Slave is a charcter known as Robuscus. He's the main protagonist of his own series, Robert's World.


Robert is a 10 year old boy who lives at 123 Robert's World. This year, Robert stated:

Robert is a really good boy. but, he is not a naughty kid like TJ Drum from Tj's World, but he's like Finley Small from Finley's World and Finley TV.

Robert's Autobiography

I was born somewhere in Romania, I think Ganeasa, I had a good life in Romania, When I was 3, Geo Guy was born, When I was 1, Lucas Guy was born, When I was 5 years old, I went on a permanent vacation to 123 Finley's World, in 2012, I got the Wii console with a time machine (during in the deleted scene of Robert's World: The Movie times). It played games like Tj's World Rally. The game was fun
— Robert