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Rod Rodger (born December 2, 1956 in Manchester, England) is a British artist and character designer. He is considered the most prolific designer of secondary characters and props on the series.


Rod was born at St Mary's Hospital in Manchester, England to a Canadian mother and a British father. Rod enjoyed seeing British Railways trains and drawing. He was exchanged as a exchange student, going to the United States in 1978, and went to New York, attending high school in Utica. He moved back to the UK full-time in 1991 and graduated from UCLA college in Los Angeles in the same year, 1 month before moving back to the UK.

In 1995, Rod joined the production team of Greeny Phatom, and has stayed with the show for 21 years.


Rod lives in Manchester, England with his daughter, May Rodger, and his wife, Alex Vincent-Rodger. They have a summer home in Roscommon, Michigan and used to have a business home in Chicago, Illinois until Rod was able to transport scripts and character and prop designs from Greenyworld Studios England to the USA. He also is a railway buff and owns a ex-AMTK (neé ATSF) angled roof EMD CF7 still in Amtrak grey and black which he and fellow GP crewmember James Clayton saved from being taken apart for $700,000. The locomotive was originally shipped over to the United Kingdom and laid on wooden rails in their garden until 2015 when it was repatriated back to the United States for use on Stainton Enterprises' recently-purchased Grafton and Upton Railroad in Massachusetts where Rod has it based.

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