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SW Television Distribution (stands for SammyWorks Television Distribution) (formely Sammybross2000, Sammy2000, Sammy2, and Battle for Sammy2 Island) is an television entertainment company founded by Samuel K. in February 2014 as Sammybross2000.

February-April 2014


April-May 2014


May-July 2014

File:2S New logo OK.png

May-June 2014


June-July 2014


It was renamed to "Sammy2000" because of when Sammybross died.

July-December 2014


The Company was renamed to "Sammy2"

August-December 2014

File:Sammy2 new logo.png

December 2014-January 2015


The company was renamed to "Battle for Sammy2 Island".

July 2015-present

File:SW Television Distribution.png

After the company was dormant for 5 months, Samuel Kosch revived it and renamed it "SW Television Distribution".

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