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Season 2 is the second season on Greeny Phatom.


Season 2 was announced before the first season. It was set to be aired on August 2, 1996, but was delayed to August 4, 1996.


# in
# in
10 1 "Guthuili Coke Colar" August 4, 1996 G1F01 It starts off where Little Guy and Dr. Beanson met each other at the Sesame Street Home Video logo. But when Dr. Beanson told Little Guy to shut up, Little Guy turns into a creature and shoots Dr. Beanson.
11 2 "Gangster Sailor Responds to Sing Along Songs with Doctor & iMeTechKid" August 11, 1996 G1F02 There was a flashback of Dr.'s Sing Along Songs when Gangster Sailor interrupt his performance. Then, a few flashbacks of Gangster Sailor pushing Little Guy comes up. Little Guy anounced that Sing Along Songs with Doctor is cancelled. Later, Gangster Sailor caught Dr. singing and he assassinate him.
12 3 "Coke Colar II" August 18, 1996 G1F03 Beanson is trying to introduce the episode but the audience kept laughing at him. But when Beanson said he can't do this, Little Guy throws a heavy weight at him. A segment comes up and It shows a stickman being angry at some business man. he then transform into Rainbow and kill the business man. It then fades to Little Guy lifting weights. Dr. Beanson comes out of nowhere being selfish at him thanks to shooting him in the face. Rainbow then came in and put him in jail.
13 4 "The Cokes: Santed Sailor's Crime Rare" August 25, 1996 G1F04 Little Guy 3 is having a conversation with Gangster Sailor, Walter, and Monthy Python. Little Guy 3 is killing the water, which means he's killing the Earth. Santed Sailor welcomes them to Beach Park. 30 days later, little Guy slaps Santed Sailor since he's out of jail. Little Guy tried to get Mario, but Dr. Beanson is dressed as Mario. Little Guy was tricked at Dr. Beanson.
14 5 "Coke Colar III" October 6, 1996 G1F05 Moctor introduces the episode when it starts. It then shows Dr. picking flowers, but Little Guy told him to stop. When Dr. was complaining, Little Guy attacks Dr.. Dr. Beanson comes in and he was dressed as Mario. Little Guy realizes he's in Coke Colar III and the Technical Difficultes. Dr. Beanson then tells the truth, and Little Guy got cheeseburgers.
15 6 "Tress Gordon and the Seven Seas" October 13, 1996 G1F06 TBA
16 7 "Little Guy Reads CLG Signs" October 20, 1996 G1F07 TBA
17 8 "The Banane in pigiama with Banane Dogs" October 27, 1996 G1F08 TBA

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