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"Secrets of the Berry Juice" is a non-canon Geo's World episode, and is a 2 hour episode. It is first aired on October 19th 2012, then was on theaters on October 20th 2012.



Yoshi, Boshi, and Small Pig[1] are hungry, so they went to Taco Bell, and they got burritos and Doritos. After they got lunch, Yoshi poured berry juice for the day. While using the bathroom, Yoshi played Super Mario Advance 2 on his Game Boy Advance. Later, at bedtime, Yoshi turned on the potty song that woke everybody up and they danced to it. The next day, King Pig and Siri were at the door and he captured Missy and zapped Yoshi with the clone Zapper and made an evil Yoshi clone. The team wanted to save her. Well, they spotted a carousel, and when they get there, the carousel's animals hopped off, and Yoshi did a very loud clap. After he did it, there was a stampede, and Yoshi almost dies after that stampede. He woke up, but he was at the doctor's. A while later, he and the others went to King Pig's castle. It was time for the battle, and Yoshi pushed the ax, thus winning. A while later, Gum[2] saved Missy. Later, they went home and had a party.


  • When Yoshi says, "We can save Miss Missy from King Pig, Gum!" his eyes are blue.
  • Jeremy Carpenter also appears on this episode


The episode was in 2 parts, the 1st one is from Siri's World[3]


  1. Small Pig also appears on Greeny Michael.
  2. Gum's a major character in this episode.
  3. Siri's World is premiered in the same date as this episode as a 1st episode.

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