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"Sergente Beanson and the Gang"
Season: 1
Episode: 4
Series Episode Number: Unknown
Original Airdate: August 23, 1995
Production Code: Unknown
Guest Characters: None
Written by: Geo G.
Directed by: Robert Stainton
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Sergente Beanson and the Gang is the third episode of Greeny Phatom and is also an episode of Season 1.

Short plot

The Beansons try to destroy the Little Guy clones.

Longer plot

Sergente Beanson is having a talk with Bob Beanson. He planned to attack the Little Guy Clones so they can come to their household, and distribute their presentations. Bob Beanson talked to Sergente Beanson why he speaks German. The Chicken Man broke into Garry's Father's household. Garry's father saw the Chicken Man, which then he got attacked by the Chicken Man. The (very long) sequence "James Sharp draws the cast" is shown. Little Girl tells the Chicken Man to scram, so the Chicken Man ran away. At the end of the episode, Beanson talks to the viewers if the Chicken Man costume made him look fat or skinny.



  • There is a episode just like this in Jacob's World. However, it's a little different!


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