What he looks like.

Small Pig (also known as Piglet) is the only good pig in Greeny Michael. In Angry Birds, he is one of the first pigs to be encountered starting at Level 1-1.

Appearances In Movies

Greeny Phatom The Movie 4

In the beginning of the movie, he didn't come with the pigs because he's the only good pig in town, so he, along with Little Guy and his friends, has to stop the pigs from stealing the eggs.

When they come inside the castle, Small Pig got scared and hides behind Geo Guy's legs because of the scary statues inside the castle. When he was looking around the castle, then he saw a mysterious statue and he got scared again. Green Bob says to him that the statue was just an egg statue.

After that happens, Little Guy opens the dark brown door and Small Pig says he hopes something won't scare him, and Luxo Jr. calms him down.

When they got to the door which was after the code, Little Guy found a golden key to unlock it, but it electrocuted him. Everyone gasped and Small Pig hides in a corner.

In the end, Small Pig says goodbye to Little Guy and his friends, ending the film.

The GreenyWorld Movie: Bigger, Stonger, Longer and Super and Uncut

He appears as a cameo.

Little Guy and The Mystery to New York

He appears in the poster of the movie.

Appearances In Games

Greeny Phatom RPG

He appears as a playable character.

Likes and Dislikes



  • Being evil.
  • Bad pigs.
  • King Pig and his scary castle.


  • He is one of the smallest pigs from the entire pig family.
  • He is the only good pig in the Greeny Phatom universe, but in the Angry Birds universe, he's not. It is unknown why he is both good and bad in those universes.