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Stainton Enterprises
Type Public
Fate Chapter 11 bankruptcy
Founded March 23, 2015
Founder(s) Robert Stainton
Defunct August 2018
Headquarters Chicago, Illinois
Key people Robert Stainton
Kristian Michaels (Robert's wife)
Mike Stainton (Robert's son)
Abdul Stainton (Robert's son)
George Stainton (Robert's son)
Nate Stainton (Robert's brother)
Daniel Stainton (Robert's son)
Robert "Jake" Stainton Jr. (Robert's son)
Crystal Stainton (Robert's daughter)
Owner(s) the Michaels and Ward families
Subsidiaries GreenyWorld Studios (70%)
Greenyworld Store
GreenyWorld Hotels & Resorts
CSX Transportation
Grafton and Upton Railroad
Greenyworld Transportation Technologies
The Greeny Channel Studios

Stainton Enterprises was a conglomerate owned by Robert Stainton.


The company was founded on March 23, 2015. Robert opened up the conglomerate inside a large office space and restaurant converted from a Prohibition-era speakeasy that had been recently put up for lease.

After Clearwater, a company started by GP co-creator Terry Ward, acquired Greeny Phatom Productions LLC, Terry Ward's family announced to be co-owners of Stainton Enterprises.

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On March 25, 2018, Stainton Media Group, Bounce Animation and associated companies filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and are currently under liquidation. Robert Stainton was soon fired and the Stainton side of his family lost a stake in the conglomerate, except for the Michaels side of the family. On August 2018, due to bankruptcy, Stainton Enterprises was legally declared dormant, while it's assets were set in a "bad bank" for the liquidation process.


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