Logos of it's companies

Logo tunes

  • GreenyWorld Cinemas Tune
    (The short GreenyWorld Cinemas theme song that will play with the logo before a movie starts)
  • GreenyWorld Village Cinemas Tune
    (The GreenyWorld Village Cinemas theme song)
  • Greenyworld Home Entertainment Logo Audio New
    (The new GreenyWorld Home Entertainment logo's music)
  • New Alliance Films logo
    (The revived Alliance Films logo's music)
  • Alliance Television
    (The revived Alliance Films' television production/genre film production division Alliance Le Monde's logo music)
  • GreenyToons Pictures logo
    (The GreenyToons Pictures logo theme)
  • Julie Theme
    (The theme song of Stainton Enterprises' new lifestyle channel Julie)
  • Max Theme
    (The theme song of Stainton-BBC-TF1's channel Max)
  • GreenyJr
    (The theme song of Greeny Jr. and Greeny Jr. Studios)
  • Acme
    (The acquired Acme Productions logo's music)

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