Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel was the Story Musicals adaptation during the tour stop at Tacoma Dome.

It was based off the 1939 book of the same name, except with an alternate ending.

It also featured monster tanks (and monster trucks) "acting" out the roles of the excavating machines (with the monster trucks that were used as excavating machines' tires being visible). It had Mary Anne (which was Bigfoot Fastrax fitted with a temporary body with a animatronic claw), two dumptrucks (which were Reptoid and American Cowboy fitted with temporary fiberglass Ford F-450 dumptruck bodies), and the modern gasoline, electric and diesel motor shovels (all three were Destroyer, Shocker, and Grave Digger 12 wearing temporary bodies with animatronic claws).


After many years of working successfully together, Mike and his classic steam shovel Mary Anne face competition from the ones of each modern gasoline, electric and diesel motor shovels. Seeking an area of the country where his classic steam shovel can still find work, Mike finds a small town that is about to build a new town hall. The authorities react with disbelief when Mike claims that he and his steam shovel Mary Anne can dig the cellar in a single day; they protest that it would take a hundred men a week. Mike insists that Mary Anne can finish the job in one day, though he privately has some doubts.

At sunup the next day, Mike and Mary Anne begin work and just complete the task by sundown. After the news makes it to their old city, the new shovels are cornered by Mike and Mary Anne and the new shovels end up into a blazing furnace.

70 years later, Mike is now living as the janitor of a department store, with Mary Anne on display.



  • Mike Mulligan - Iggy Pop
    • Older Mike Mulligan - Mark Baker
  • Authorities - Florian Schneider, Mark Baker, Robert Stainton
  • Foremen - Mark Baker, James Clayton, Crystal Stainton, Scott McNeil

Voice Actors

  • Gasoline, electric, and diesel shovels - Salt 'n Pepa, Iggy Pop
  • Narrator - Robert Stainton

The Shovels and Trucks

  • Mary Anne - Bigfoot Fastrax
  • Dumptrucks - Reptoid and American Cowboy
  • Gasoline, electric, and diesel shovels - Destroyer, Shocker, and Grave Digger #12

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