Raggedy Ann was the first Story Musicals adaptation during the tour stop at Bowman Gray Stadium.

It was based off the musical with a book by William Gibson and music and lyrics by Joe Raposo, with some modifications done by Robert Stainton.


After being abandoned by her mother, a dying girl named Marcella is given a Raggedy Ann doll by her alcoholic father. When the nefarious General D. arrives to take Marcella's life, Raggedy Ann and her friends take Marcella on a trip to meet the Doll Doctor, who can mend her broken heart.

Added to the Story Musicals version were Susie Pincushion, and a new character named Homer who's a human tramp having hilarious shenanigans following Raggedy Ann and her friends while General D. attempts to take Marcella's life. The Story Musicals version also replaced Baby Doll with Babette, with Babette being played by her voice actress from the 1977 film, Niki Flacks.


  • Doctors - Mark Baker, Charlie Pauken, James Clayton
  • Poppa/Doll Doctor - Maximilian Schell
  • Marcella - Andrea Libman
  • Raggedy Ann - Kathleen Barr
  • Raggedy Andy - Scott McNeil
  • Babette - Niki Flacks
  • Panda - Chantal Strand
  • Susie Pincushion - Maggie McOmie
  • General D. - Beau Allen
  • Bat - James Eric Anzalone
  • Wolf - James Clayton
  • Homer the Tramp - Frank Welker
  • Camel with the Wrinkled Knees - Robert Stainton
  • Mommy/Witch - Constance Shulman
  • Company - Members of the Apple Entertainment Live Production Board

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