The Dragonz! is a 2003 independent children's comedy-action-adventure film produced by Troma Entertainment, Sanford Productions, Téléfilm Canada and GreenyWorld Studios, with animation by CinéGroupe, and released by Star Records and First Look Studios on Veterans Day 2003.

It is a sequel to the much more adult audience-targeted Dragons of Tromaland, but all the extreme amounts of Troma-esque sexuality and violence have been basically thrown out the window, for instance, instead of being naked, Bunny Dwaggin, now being a queen, wears a wedding gown and a tiara.


Aleesha (voiced by Aleisha Allen), Darren (voiced by AA Michaels), and Annie (voiced by Alina Withers) set off to find the lost Crown of Tromaland at the request of Queen Bunny Dwaggin (voiced by Kristian Michaels, reprising her role from Dragons of Tromaland).

Voice cast


The animation was produced by CinéGroupe. Over 120 people worked on the film. The actors and actresses modeled in prosthetic makeup in order for the designers to get the character designs correct.