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  • During the sequence where Geo Guy goes to work hungover cuts out the part where one of the workers pitches a new idea for an action figure called "G.I. Jew" on ABC.
  • Although it was the first to air, it was technically supposed to be the eighth episode, the first episode production-wise was intended to be There's No Deaths Like Geo Guy, but due to animation problems from South Korea that resulted in There's No Death Like Geo Guy to be postponed until the season finale, this episode ended up being first.
  • The Kennedy political dynasty mentioned in the episode has had numerous run-ins with the law, especially among the more distant relatives.[1]
  • This episode was nominated for, but did not win, a Primetime Emmy Award in the categories of "Outstanding Animated Program (for programming one hour or less)" and "Outstanding Editing for a Miniseries or a Special."
  • Not only was this the premiere episode of Geo TV, but this was the first episode to air on a Sunday. When Geo TV was revived in 2005, ABC put it at the 9:00 PM timeslot, and Cland Ann following it at 9:30, helped revive the Sunday night Animation Domination block. Geo TV has remained there ever since.
  • Jeremy, Rico and Frankie travel back in time to this episode in "Back to the Pilot".
  • Mr. God looked at Geo Guy's Card code said: 479257.
  • The cutaway gag of Geo Guy taking Holy Communion in church originated in the Pilot Pitch and was repeated again in "Lisa Got a Gun".


  • In the scene where Geo Guy and his Friends at the party are watching television, the television has no cord.
  • Geo Guy's Juice box goes from green to red.
  • Mr. God's Card becomes Geo Guy's Card.
  • When Rico and Geo Guy are talking about Mr. God, Rico's eye go from black to blue to black again.
  • When Rico hits Geo Guy with the newspaper it says "Daily Informant" but when the newspaper is on the table it says "Daily Times"
  • When Geo Guy is stammering about the food budget in the kitchen, the buttons on his shirt are not there but in the next scene they are.
  • When Geo Guy walks up the front drive you can see the road and there are no markings on it. But when he turns to look at his house, there are orange lines running down the road.

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