The Gunpanow Family (also known as the Gunapows) are (possibly) a Lithuanian-based family, living in seperate homes in the United States and other countries.


Little Guy's Grandparents

Little Guy and Little Girl's grandparents

The oldest living members Dunagang Kulėšius "Little Guy's Grandfather" Jonaitis (current age 76, voiced by James Sharp) and Kulėšienė Hammil "Little Girl's Grandmother" Norkantas (current age 100, voiced by Karleen McKenny) came to America in 1921. They were turned into their "ant-like" forms after a incident involving them and an angry man named Kalvis (voiced by James Sharp).

Little Guy and Little Girl were born to relatives of Dunagang and Kulėšienė in 1980. Little Guy was born on July 4th, while Little Girl was born July 7th.

Gree Guy was born to relatives of the Gunpanows in Norway. Gree Guy said "I had a good life in Norway".

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