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The Koopatroopaman Movie 3: Return of the Time Gloves (formerly The Koopatroopaman Movie 3: Bigger, Longer and Uncut) is an upcoming 2019 American 3D traditional hand-drawn and computer-animated comedy film based on the 2013 television series The Koopatroopaman Show, the threequel of The Koopatroopaman Movie and the sequel of The Koopatroopaman Movie 2. It will be released in IMAX 3D format.


3 years after the events of The Koopatroopaman Movie 2, Lloviant returns with the use of his Time Gloves. According to Lloviant, the world of KoopaVille will end in two months because of the Anti-Heroic Empire apocalypse. Koopatroopaman, Koopatroopamon, Dr. Koopa, Partybross, Koopa BlobFries, Villager, Koopatroopabobby and Lloviant must stop this from happening and it will only take a few grappling gloves and a pair of time gloves. Later, Naluigi and Garfield see the gang and help them out.