The Origin of a Awesome Rainbow Boy is a Season 20 episode. It is the debut of Rainbow Little Guy

It was written by James Sharp and directed by Robert Stainton and Kristian Michaels.


This episode begins with Little Guy doing the cloning process. During the process, Little Guy 11, in his/her female form accidentally knocks down a bottle of Rainbow X into the DNA cup, creating Rainbow Little Guy.


  • This episode is rated TV-Y7, however it aired on a Saturday morning instead of on Cartoon Network in order to test the Fox Kids block.
    • Also aired that day was the SheZow episodes "Glamageddon" and "SheZap", the Blue's Clues episodes "Math!", "The Wrong Shirt", and "Blue Is Frustrated", along with the Mary-Kate and Ashley in Action! episode "Who Turned the Music Off?" and the "self-explanatory" Geo's World episode "Geo Guy defeats Big Guy".