The Universe of Davey Guy
Genre Comedy
Format Animated series
Created by Nadjib M.
Starring Dana Snyder
Cary Huang
Country of origin United States
Language English
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Executive producer(s) Gabriel Garcia
Chance Sims
Running time 22 minutes
Production company(s) Original series
GreenyWorld Television
Disney Television Animation
Disney XD Original
20th Century Fox Television
Amblin Entertainment (Episode 1-5)
DHX Media (Episode 5-present)
Early reel
Studio B Productions
GreenyWorld Television
Teletoon Original Production
Distributor Television
20th Television
Disney–ABC Domestic Television
Home Video
Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment
Roadshow Entertainment (Australia)
Original channel United States:
Disney XD
Disney Channel
The Greeny Channel
Greenytoons Network
The Greeny Channel Rainbow Satelite
Disney XD
Disney Channel
United Kingdom:
The Greeny Channel Rainbow Satelite
Cartoon Network
Comedy Central
Disney XD
Disney Channel
The Greeny Channel Rainbow Satelite
Disney Channel
Canal J
The Greeny Channel Rainbow Satelite
Disney Channel
The Greeny Channel Rainbow Satelite
The Comedy Channel
Disney Channel
Original run July 19, 2015 – present
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Spin-offs/Related Shows Jay Guy's Universe

The Universe of Davey Guy, (originally known as Davey City, Davey Guy's Universe in the Early reel), is an American animated comedy television series created by Nadjib M.. It first premiered on Disney XD on July 19, 2015, as a pilot episode. The show is currently still running.

Before the Disney era of the show, there was a Teletoon era that started in 2010. However, there was only one episode during the era and it originally aired in April Fools 2010 (April 1, 2010).

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