Toon Masters is a 1997 triple feature film by Robert Stainton, Jake Sanford, and Audel LaRoque. It is a homage to 1970's B-movies and animated films during the Dark Age of Animation complete with "Coming Attractions" and in-betweener short cartoons.


The Enchanted Square

Robert's section of the film. Basically a remake of the Noveltoon short The Enchanted Square, but with Raggedy Andy shoehorned in.

It is Halloween and Officer Patrick Flanagan (voiced by AA Michaels) finds discarded Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls and decides that they will make a good present for Billie (voiced by Brittany Murphy), the blind daughter of the pretty Mrs. Bell (voiced by Mae Questel) whom Flanagan takes care of. When Billie receives Raggedy Ann and Andy (voiced by their actors from the 1977 film, Didi Conn and Mark Baker) she is very thankful but she wishes she could see them. Raggedy Ann tells her that she can see her through her imagination. Billie imagines a fantastic voyage where she and the two rag dollies travel through a carnevalesque land based on the real world but run by Mr. Giuseppe the calliope player.

Sly as a Fox

Jake's section of the film.

A family of anthropomorphic foxes strive to feed their son.

Robot Man

Audel's section of the film. Animated in stop motion.

Two robot garbage truck drivers fight over a rare Laserdisc player.

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