Training Around the City Folk is a 1999 episode of Greeny Phatom.

Short plot

Little Guy and friends get on a train and sing some songs.

Longer plot

The episode begins with Little Guy, Dr. Beanson, and other characters from Greeny Phatom riding on the train. Little Guy went to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab, and reads a letter with text that was written in Russian. Little Guy calls Dr. Beanson to see what's wrong with this letter. While Dr. Beanson is talking to Little Guy on the phone, he said some words in other languages. Little Guy is so mad, he throws a huge tantrum, and his head explodes into pieces. Dr. Beanson talks to the viewers about technical difficulties in this episode, and he uses Google Translate to talk to Little Guy in other languages. Not only he said something in other languages, but he also wrote and read some other words in other languages as well. But nevertheless, Dr. Beanson is a linguist. The episode cuts to the Gree O's commercial, and then cuts to Dr. Beanson watching some videos on TV. Dr. Beanson, who is now inside a snowglobe, laughed at the TV and talks to the viewers what it says on the title of the video. Dr. Beanson ends the episode by saying "Right now, I'm a one-of-a-kind soldier that brings everyone this message!" The episode also ends with a clip showing Geo Guy eating green pea soup. The clip then fades to black, ending the episode.


  • This episode contains a dedication to the victims of the 1999 Bourbonnais, Illinois, train crash.
  • The episode was stealth aired on June 29, 1999, resulting in poor quality animation. Two frames don't even have a background and some animation (Done by Yeson Animation Studios, who was used for this episode) seems rushed. The finished version of the episode aired on August 27, 1999. The finished version was done by Tokyo Movie Shinsha. Yeson got booted off after this episode.

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