A song from the very first Greeny Phatom Live! tour.


Hangin' in the backwoods livin' with the Beansons and my sistas

Lookin' for waves that can't be found

Goin' tubin, surfin' in the backwoods


It's always pumpin' in the streams It's always hollow cause they're made of beach sand

Tubin' Surfin' in the backwoods

Once you get crankin' man It's totally rad! You're makin' the scene You're gettin' it mean You're jumpin' waves like you've never had It'll blow your mind, it's the best you'll find!

Tubin' surfin' subterranean

You may like the days in South America, but the backwoods have only birds chirpin'

Goin' tubin', surfin' subterranean It's shaded by pines, but we dig the scene Who needs the sun when you're an ant human!

Going tubin' Surfin' subterranean

It's the wooded coastline take a ride You got to dig the heat in the pines And you don't have to wait for high tide when you're surfin' on the woods side!

Check this you got your pads you got your deck Your mamma's scared that you'll break your neck But you got it wired you're in control you ride the bowl you're a tubin' mole Nothin' cranks like being underground especially the quiet sound It's boss it's gnarly out of sight best of all you do it day or night