A Wikia contributor with the ID of "" has been vandalizing almost every page in this wiki and even templates. He's also making pages that make nonsense.

This might be causing another crisis.

So, I need your help on reverting every edit he has done and deleting the pages he has made, and please protect every page he has vandalized so far.

Here's his contributions page:

EDIT: As you can see, the wiki activity is glitched. Why that happened is because I actually undoed every vandalizer's edits all by myself. I'm also ranked #2 on the attainments because I've earned 3 badges. Wow. I deserve an award. Also, remember to protect every page so that another crisis doesn't happen yet again.

ANOTHER EDIT: Another Wikia contributor with the ID of "" has only vandalized 3 pages and has made fun of users by making pages out of them. Yes, I deleted his pages and blocked him, so you don't need to worry.

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