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WJTX-TV, Channel 10, is a Television Station in New York City, USA owned by The Greeny Channel. The station is owned by the Greenyworld Studios. It has maintained its studios near Lincoln State Building like ABC but in a different area and it's transmiter is on the top of The Empire State Building.


The station appeared November 1949 as WIZ-TV Channel 10 as a government channel and produced programming mainly for the US Government until 1962 when it became more a channel more for adults. In 1966 when Greenytoons was founded by Geo G. he forced the station to air some of his shorts. They were some of the most viewed programs on the network. In 1968 WIZ-TV became WJTX-TV.

Greeny Channel Years

In 1988 Robert Stainton the founder of The Greeny Channel purchased WJTX-TV and while it was actually going to purchase WNYW-TV Channel 5 Robert Stainton thought the deal was simply too expensive and bought WJTX-TV instead for 500 million dollars. WJTX-TV had to remove it's morning program "Morning New York from 10" since this was a kids channel now.

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