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"Wanted: The Great Drink Thief"
Season: 1
Episode: 6
Series Episode Number: Unknown
Original Airdate: August 30, 1995
Production Code: Unknown
Guest Characters: None
Written by: Jake Sanford
Kristian Michaels
Audel LaRoque
James Clayton
James Sharp
Robert Stainton
Directed by: Robert Stainton
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Wanted: The Great Drink Thief is the sixth episode of Greeny Phatom and is also an episode of Season 1.


When Dr. looks at a Cola, he decides to steal all the drinks in town.


It starts off when Dr. saw a Coca-Cola. He then says "Oooh! A Coca-Cola!". He decides to steal it and drink it. Dr. soon steals more drinks, such as Choc-Ola, OK Soda, Ecto Cooler and more. Little Guy and the clones found out who the Great Drink Thief is, so they chased Doctor. Little Guy 3 found where Doctor is and what he did. Dr. drank 100 Coca-Cola cans, mentioned by Little Guy 3. Dr. sings a Russian song, which ticks Little Guy off. Little Guy then shoots Dr. for singing the song.


  • This episode was written by 6 writers.


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