"Who is R.W.?"
Season: 21
Episode: 9
Series Episode Number: Unknown
Original Airdate: 2016 or 2017 (tentative)
Production Code: Unknown
Guest Characters: Robert Wilson
Written by: Robert Wilson
Directed by: Robert Wilson
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"Who is R.W.?" is an upcoming episode and the 9th episode of Season 21. The entire episode will be guest storyboarded by Robert Wilson, who will also voice everyone and wrote the story, although the animation production is at Suzhou Hong Ying Animation Studios.


Dr. Beanson and Little Guy hang out with Robert Wilson, but he has some dark secrets.


Doctor Beanson introduces himself to the viewers like usual, saying, "Hello, viewers! I'm Doctor Beanson. The One-of-a-Kind Soldier who brings you this message!" More coming soon.



  • Will M - Dr. Beanson, Little Guy and Robert Wilson (himself.)


  • This is the first episode to be storyboarded by a guest animator. The character designs will be different due to this, and will be animated by Suzhou Hong Ying Animation Studios.
    • Due to this, this will be the first episode rendered in 60fps.
  • This is also the first where everyone is voiced by one voice actor.
  • This episode will reveal that Little Guy has a PlayStation 3, LEGO Marvel's Avengers for said system a VHS of Rugrats: All Growed Up and a PSP.
  • Unlike most episodes, there is no Sing-Along Songs segment.


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